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Before: Chaos Bringer Ch. 1 Part 1

by obey_jaidon

obey_jaidon Ooooooooo >w<
New story! X3
As the crisp November air glided across Equestria, dew from plants fell little by little. As the bright sun emerged, the silent moon came down, both peacefully working.

"Finally. Breakfast." Luna eagerly noted. "Hopefully Honey Dew made scrambled eggs, she knows how much I love those."
"Oh, sis. Of course she made them. Why wouldn't she? you did repeatedly remind her last night, and the night before that, and the night before that." Celestia joked, as a smile grew, pushing her exhausted expression out of sight.

The two guards next to the grand door into the dining room opened the door politely, and the two sisters were greeted by Honey Dew, and shockingly, Star Swirl the Bearded himself.

"Your hignesses," Honey Dew bowed, "your brunch is prepared, and yes, the scrambled eggs, as well as a visit. Enjoy." and Honey Dew exited the exquisite dining room, shutting the doors, leaving them, and the two visitors in privacy.
Celestia eyes grew open in amazement; she was standing in front of a luminary unicorn himself, Star Swirl the Bearded.

"Your highnesses, sorry to disturb you on such an - early notice." Star Swirl started, "but it is an important matter to discuss. So if you wouldn't mind, I also informed the prodigy herself, Zezanna, about the complication; please sit down."

Luna ran straight towards the 12 pony serving sterling silver plate, eggs piling on each other.
"Dear sweet CELESTIA!" Luna commented.
Celestia started nervously, "Um, yes, of course. Greatest pleasure to meet you." she was trying to hide her inner fangirl.
The two sat down across each other, but at the end of the table, the seat was empty.
"Zezanna. Where is she?" Celestia questioned, looking at Luna devouring the eggs. She knew Zezanna was a nut with eggs too; and related them to two lions battling against each other for the last piece meat on the world.
"I believe she asked to use the restroom for a second. She'll be back in several minutes, hopefully." Star Swirl replied.
Several minutes later, she did not return. Celestia was starting to get curious. Luna noticed the awkward brunch as if it wasn't obvious already, and started, "Y'know," she wiped off egg from her face, "I'll go check up on her." and she politely got up, and went to the restroom. When she got to the restroom, nobody was in there and looked like it wasn't used after the maid cleaned it last night.
"Umm....." Luna muttered.
Then, deep into the distance, she heard a faint "You're dead.....". Immediately, she turned her head to the direction of where the sound came from. Curiosity took over her for a second, trotting done the hallway of which the sound made it's way too.
"Zezze? Zezze, y' okay?" Luna questioned, not really considering to expect an answer; and, there wasn't.
"I'm just sayin', there's a good 9 or 8 serving left of scrambled eggs, you could kill it I gue-"
Her surroundings shut her offer up, the whole hallway was destroyed. Pieces of wood were hanging off the wall, and you could see the inside structure of the whole hallway. A big hole on the left side had been blown to bits to make, and Luna's instinct was to go check it out. As she went through the blown hole in the wall, her curiosity was destroyed by her heart racing, Zezanna against what was once to believed to be a legend, a draconequus. ~