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The Jorio Region: Champion Stelluna

by Rovenz

Rovenz This is Champion Stelluna
For her trainer sprite, go here:http://heud19.wix.com/pokerovenzs-site#!stelachampion/cb65

Stelluna is the champion of Jorio, She loves Fairy and Electric types that once she becomes the champion, she will start to battle with Fairy and Electric types. She has an Eevee but currently its at home trying to be evolved into Sylveon
Pokémon: Lvl 63 Florges, Lvl 63 Pikachu, Lvl 64 Whimiscott, Lvl 64 Ampharos, Lvl 65 Jolteon, Lvl 68 Mawile with Mawilite
Rematch: Lvl 72 Florges, Lvl 72 Raichu, Lvl 74 Whimiscott, Lvl 74 Jolteon, Lvl 76 Mawile, Lvl 78 Ampharos with Ampharosite
Final Battle (Location: Kalos Frost Cavern): Lvl 80 Sylveon, Lvl 80 Whimiscott, Lvl 81 Raichu, Lvl 81 Jolteon, Lvl 85 Ampharos, Lvl 85 Mawile
Partner Pokémon: Mawile, Sylveon and Ampharos