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Crescent High: Massacre: CH: Chapter 3

by Luminites

Luminites After learning about the rules of the dark and twisted game made up by Arceus in Crescent High, the students are figuring out on why they are here and what the purpose is.
4:29 PM - Dining Area (Floor 1)

Roxie: Yo! Do you know where we are?
Lt. Surge: Ha! We are obviously in the dining hall dear. It looks empty at the moment, let's wait here for the others okay?

Roxie: Are you sure? Even after reading the rules.. *gulp* I don't think that's a good idea yo.

Lt. Surge: Listen dear. I know that Arceus is keeping us all here for eternity and having us kill each other in order to survive! But we need to think about our situation at hand.

Lt. Surge: I'm sure all of the others are scared too! Hell, I even feel a little nervous right now.

Roxie: Yo! I do agree with what you are saying. I'm just scared of the fact that anyone of us can just betray the others and kill them! It's all messed up and it's Arceus' fault.

Lt. Surge: Well then, let's wait for a bit you know? And see if anyone shows up.
I'm sure a few people will come here!

*Drake walks in with a dagger in his bag*

Drake: Ah! I've finally found some people!
Lt. Surge: Hey Drake! How did you get here?

Drake: Well, I've heard some talking from another room in the building, so I decided to check out the noise myself. And here I am with you two.

Roxie: Did you look at the rules? It's very distur--

Drake: I know, it's truly horrific I must say. Why would they make us kill each other in order to win cash and survive? Can you really trust that fowl beast when it's all over?

Lt. Surge: Hmm. Arceus did say that it would do that, but your reasoning sparks the question. Plus, we all have our own rooms in this building! We are actually going to live here until only one lives.

Roxie: Oh man! All I wanted to do was learn some more music here at Crescent High, but all this had to happen to us!

Drake: It's a good thing I have my handy dandy dagger with me! So if anything happens, I'll use it.

*Surge thinks*
Seriously? An actual dagger. Why would he bring that with him? He could potentially kill someone with that and get away with it! But then again.. We have class trials to determine who the culprits are.. I'm just gonna keep that in mind.

Lt. Surge: Uh Drake, why do you have a dagger with you?
Drake: You know? In case of emergencies where people start to harm others. I honestly don't want to kill anyone! But if anyone does harm someone else, I will.

Roxie: I can see what you're doing Drake, I respect you.
Drake: Thanks dear, you have my respect too.

Meanwhile.. *Cyrus finds Zinnia*

Cyrus: Hey you! Are you hurt at all?
Zinnia: ...

Cyrus: Thy name is Cryus, what's yours?
Zinnia: Um..

Cyrus: Ah! You do speak. But you just don't talk often correct?
Zinnia: *nods* My name is Zinnia.

Cyrus: Zinnia? I haven't heard of you before. And clothing wise, your clothes look ancient.
Zinnia: Yes they are, I don't really want to give out any info about myself.

Cyrus: That's fine, I don't really care to be honest with you. I just want to escape this nightmare of a school.

Cyrus: I read those rules you know? And they were disturbing. Killing everyone for survival and prizes? Arceus has really changed it's attitude towards humanity.

*whispers to himself*
Was it all because of me? For messing up time and space and even Giratina's world? I don't understand.

Zinnia: Sorry, what was that?
Cyrus: Ehem. That was nothing young lady! I was just thinking.

*Everyone hears an explosion coming from the west side of the school*

Zinnia: Aaaaah! What the heck was that!
Cryus: You gotta be kidding me..