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Pokémon Parallel: Cencion Region Extra Data

by Pokéboy098

Pokéboy098 Note for Map: Magnorum City is built on top of the Exitium Ruins, which can still be accessed via the subway system.

Gyms of the Cencion Region: Cineraceus City: Fire: Ashes Badge
Silex City: Rock: Flint Badge
Gelu City: Ice: Frost Badge
Magnorum City: Poison: Unstable Badge
Venenatus City: Fairy: Enchanted Badge
Estuarium City: Water: Estuary Badge
Vaticinor City: Psychic: Prophecy Badge
Aeternitas City: Grass: Eternal Badge
Elite 4 and Champion of the Cencion Region: Charles: Ground
Tuono: Electric
Osurobeki: Fighting
Bessemer: Steel
Champion: Detractibiles: Dark
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