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Celebi, the Time Traveler - Part One

by Vaporeonn

Vaporeonn So, since my last piece of literature scored some wowing 9 likes ( btw, thank you guys for that), I decided to make another Written Work!
Anyway, this is a story 'bout a trainer that has been transported to the past thanks to Celebi. The past is different from the present in the Pokemon World, but there are also some characters we know ;)
" Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we-,". "Shush it, Miss Happiness! We are almost there!", said Faye, the Fearow, interrupting a young Togetic. " Fine...", it answered.
" Uh, sometimes I wish I couldn't understand Pokemon..", Kelly said.
" But we love you, Kelly!", the Togetic disagreed.
" Oh, Sunshine, you sure do know how to cheer someone up!", Kelly said. Sunshine smiled, and lifted in the air, quickly flapping her fragile little wings.

The forest, Ilex Forest, how it's know to the people in the Johto region, was often dark, a result from tall trees covering the bright blue sky. Even though it was cold and mossy, trainers often came here. They believed that the Pokemon that lived there will give them luck to continue their journey. Because of that believing, the people from Azalea built a shrine for that Pokemon, though very little amount of people saw it with their own eyes.

Kelly believed that, if she saw that Pokemon, it will maybe speak to her. She heard from some villagers that saw it, that it tried to talk to them, but with no success. They also said that some saw it disappear in front of their eyes. It made Kelly wonder.

Finally, they arrived at the shrine. It was rather small though. " Guys, we're here," Kelly said.
" Oooh, it's pretty!", Sunshine gasped.
" Why yes, it is!" Batsy, the Crobat, said. Kelly smiled at the two, and nodded in approval. She approached the shrine slowly, because she feared she would scare it. When she was only one step away from it, the shrine glowed with a blinding light-pink glow.

" Whoah!" Kelly shouted. She hadn't expected it. Right then, from the now faded glow, a green Pokemon came out. It was nothing like Kelly saw till that moment.
" Oh, another human!" it said. It had an unpleasant expression on it's face.
" What do you have against me, I wonder," Kelly asked. The Pokemon stopped, and slowly turned to her.
" You-you understood me?'' it asked. It watched Kelly with a surprising look on it's face.
" Um, yes. I understand any Pokemon," she answered.

"I would love to talk to you, but I'm in a hurry, so another time?" the Pokemon said, and made a pink, swirly portal, that glowed with a bright pink color.
"Wait, I have some questions!" Kelly shouted while she was running towards it. She was quickly sucked in the portal. Her Pokemon chased her, but the portal already closed.

"Uh, where am I?'' Kelly gasped. She woke up at the same place, in a pile of bright green grass, but it still looked very different from before. She looked at her clothes, and she found herself in a beige shirt, and a long, dark-purple skirt. Her hair was now in two braids.
"What happened?" she asked.
"Excuse me, I was wondering 'round here, and found you lying over here. May I ask you what are you doing?" a young woman asked. She was dressed similar to Kelly, but instead her pink hair was tied in a bun, and she had a light pink dress.
" Nurse Joy?'' Kelly asked.
" Oh, child, I am not nurse Joy you speak of. I am Ella. So, do I have to guide you to Azalea town, miss?", Ella asked. Kelly nodded in return, and followed the young lady.

"This is Azalea?" Kelly gasped. The town was very different from before. " What happened here?"
" Why, Kelly, it is the same old Azalea town as ever. But, we got a brand new well just outside the town, if that is what you noticed. You can go check it out any time!" Ella answered.
" Same old Azalea?" Kelly thought. " Something isn't right here," she said out-loud. She then realised it, and she covered her face with her hands.

" Excuse me, ma'am. Is this the new girl?" a young boy asked. He was just about Kelly's size, and he had short, brown hair.
" Samuel!" Ella said. " You never use 'this' when you are referring to a person!".
" Sorry, ma'am," the boy answered. Ella walked away, leaving the two children alone.
" You are Samuel? May I ask for your last name?" Kelly asked.
" Sure! It's Oak, miss! So what is your na-" he tried asking, but Kelly started screaming and running around. Of course, it was hard to run in such a long skirt, she she fell down.
" Oh, miss, you should watch out more carefully in the future.", Samuel said. Right then, a little girls approached them.
" Oh, Agatha, this girl is nuts!", he said. The girl ran towards them.
" Agatha? It keeps getting worse and worse.." Kelly mourned.
" Sam! Why are you using bad language?! Miss Ella is just around the corner!" the girl said.
" Oh, never mind that. So, are you going to my father to get your Pokemon, Agatha?" Sam asked.
" Pokemon! Oh no! Where are mine!?" Kelly said.
"Why yes, Sam, I am! So, what type are you going to get?", Agatha asked. " I am poison.", she said proudly.
" What do you mean ' What type?'" Kelly asked. " Don't you get a variety from to choose?"
" Oh, you're so silly! Of course not! Your type is determined first, and then you can get a Pokemon of that type!" Agatha answered.

Kelly then thought more carefully. Young Oak and Agatha, 'nuts' being a bad word, awkward clothes..
" I'm in the past!", Kelly shouted.
  1. DragonDare2
    Aug 27, 2014
  2. Will MacDonald
    Will MacDonald
    Wow! If "nuts" is a bad word for them, it will be interesting to see what other "swears" they have. Great job!
    Jul 6, 2014
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