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Causing Problems: Prolouge

by Tamazarokon

Tamazarokon I do this is my own time. I copy and past it from Word (Where I create this).
A boy ran through the streets on a rainy night. He was in the choir group at his school. The youngest, in fact.

The boy saw bikers racing towards him. Going home, he thought. The bikers rode past him, splashing a puddle. The boy was now more drenched then before. He didn’t want to cry before his big show. So he didn’t.

The boy started to run. No more than a minute later, the boy stepped in a puddle. His foot gave away. The boy landed hard on the ground, in the puddle. The boy couldn’t help it this time. He started to wail.

A hand reached out. The boy looked at it, tears streaming down his cheeks. The boy grabbed the hand. Another boy lifted him up.

“A-Are you okay? M-My name is Z-Zeek. What’s y-yours?” Zeek asked.

“Yes. I’m Eli,” Eli replied. Zeek smiled.

“I walk by the choir room all the time. I love your singing,” Zeek said. He chuckled.

Eli smiled as well. “I guess we’re friends now. Anyway, I have to get to the concert. Are you coming?” He asked.

“Y-You bet!” Zeek exclaimed. Eli ran off. He waved to Zeek. Zeek waved back. This was the beginning of a beautiful friendship. A friendship between a normal boy, and a not so normal boy.
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