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Cat/Human Adventures: Cat/Human Adventures Chapter 2: New School

by Flame the Trainer

Flame the Trainer Bios:
Name: Flame
Species: Human/?
Weapons: ?
Clothling: tan shorts, red shirt, skull necklace, green and red tennis shoes
Looks: Dirty blonde hair, Caucasion
Gender: Male
Age: 14

Name: ?
Species: Human
Weapons: ?
Clothing: Black shoes, black pants, Grey shirt
Looks: Black hair
Gender: Female
Age: ?
*At the New School*
"This school is big." Flame said.
"Shut up and come with me." The girl said walking in.
*In the Main Office*
"Flame I am Princible Soy, this girl is your partner." Soy said.
"Just tell this newbie what he's doing." She said.
"Alright, your partner's name is Black Shadow, but her real name is Brittney." Soy said.
"Call me Brittney and you will die." Black Shadow said.
"Noted." Flame said.
"Anyways this is super hero academy." Soy said.
"You will be trained here to be super hero, or at least be able to defend yourself." Black Shadow said.
"Well yes, but our scientists say your will change and gain powers." Soy said.
"But until then you will choose a weapon to fight with." Black Shadow said.
"Cool, what do i have to choose from?" Flame asked.
"Here is your selection." Soy said opening up a closet. There was guns, swords, and more. Then Flame saw two swords, he was somehow drawn to them.
"I see you found the two elemental swords." Soy said.
"Can i have them?" Flame asked.
"Is those your choice of weapons?" Soy asked.
"Yes." Flame responded
"Black Shadow take them for now, your training starts tomorrow Flame, until them have a tour around the school and get to know people." Soy said.
"Alright." Flame replied while walking out with Black Shadow.