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Cat/Human Adventures: Cat/Human Adventures Chapter 1: Introduction

by Flame the Trainer

Flame the Trainer Bios:
Name: Flame
Species: Human/?
Weapons: ?
Clothling: tan shorts, red shirt, skull necklace, green and red tennis shoes
Looks: Dirty blonde hair, Caucasion
Gender: Male
Age: 14

Guys let me know if you want me to continue this work series.
There was a kid named Flame, he wanted his life to change a bit. He was at home one day when a group of scientists knocked on the door. His mom answered the door.
"Hello, what do you want?" HIs mom said to them.
"We are just here to give you guys this." A scientist said handing them a envelope and left. His mom opened the envelope.
"Flame according to this paper work you need to go to a super hero school." His mom said reading the papers.
"But i'm not a super hero." Flame said while watching TV.
"Well they say you are." His mom said. "And there will be a person here later to escort you there, and that person will be your partner."
"I think thats crazy." Flame said.
"Well you can read this paperwork for yourself." Mom replied.
"What ever." Flame said going back to TV.
There was a knock on the door. His mom answers the door.
"I'm here for Flame, i'm his escort." Girl said.
"Flame, someone is here for you." Mom said.
"I'm coming." FLame said coming to the door.
"You must be Flame, come on, we have to go." Girl said. So he left with the girl having hardly any idea of what it going on. He was wondering who this girl is, will he ever see his parents again, how long will he be there and more.