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Ask the fam: Can't be caught

by Cafe-Mocha

ask 9.png
Cafe-Mocha He's gonna stay wild.. Even if you do catch him, you have to catch Mimi her nickname is Mei On a team, they function better together than apart.

asked by @DarkraiError
  1. Greno
    Hi darkrai have you met my greninja his is zero he usually
    Does not listen to people lol go zero [zero says hi darkrai]
    Aug 20, 2016
  2. Alex The Hydreigon
    Alex The Hydreigon
    Yeah! I like staying wild too. =3 *dark side of me* DONT EVEN TRY THROWING YOUR MASTERBALL AT ME, CUS IT WONT WORK!!* •-•
    Hehe, sorry. =3
    Aug 10, 2016
  3. Andrewski
    Hello Darkrai? A question for you concerning Mimi. Will you ever:

    1. Give her up?
    2. Let her down?
    3. Run around and desert her?
    4. Make her cry?
    5. Say goodbye?
    6. Tell a lie and hurt her?
    Aug 7, 2016
  4. Jhan Garc
    Jhan Garc
    He was born to be wild.
    Aug 5, 2016
  5. Hisseki
    Woah. THAT was cool! You're like a ninja! xD
    Aug 4, 2016
  6. RPGMinx
    ugh, he did the same to me
    Aug 4, 2016