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Campfire Story:

by Popplio

Popplio I make storys about people i like. Maybe i will make a story about you one day? :) get the fire ready, cuz here we go!
It was November 21th. Skye was laying on the sofa.
Skye: Its so dark. I can't even see..
???: SKYE!
Skye: Huh? Who is that? What? Is that.. A note?
*Follow these notes and i have a present for you..*
Skye: Huh, i can't thing of anything more fun to do.
*Skye walks out she then finds a note in her garage*
*You are there soon.. The next note should be in the forest.*
Skye: Ew, the forest. Where all the Noibats live..
*Skye run to the forest and find another note*
*Glad you could come darling! Just follow the Chatot that will be there.*
Skye: Chatot where? Oh there! Hello little friend!
Chatot: We can start flying now, SQUARK! But i will warn ya, the Noibats are aggresive this year.
Skye: Yes yes! Can we go now?
Chatot: Here it is. I will go now bye! Good luck have fun!
Skye: That Chatot left pretty quick. I wonder why.. Ah! Another note!
*You can soon see my real face. Say happy tree and a Torterra will bring you to another note.*
Skye: WAW! Oh, Torterra. You look pretty scared.. I hope everythings alright? I have some berrys in my jacket. Here!
*Torterra eats the berrys*
Torterra: TOR!
Skye: Ha! You liked it! Now, where is that pla- *BUMP* oke. Here.
*This is the final note. Just run forward and you will find me.*
Skye: Oke.
*Skye runs forward when she finally meets a tree*
Skye: WHAT? I ran all this way.. JUST FOR A STOOOPID TREE?!
???: Calm down dear. I am here.
Skye: Who ar- Wait. You are Gale.. No no. You are just a oc from Pokecharms this can't be real..
Gale: Oh yes it can, how would you else explain that a Chatot and a Torterra come in the human world? They are brung by me! And i will thank you for helping me, you created me. Like your my mother. Guess what, you earned a prize.
Skye: I have created you, i know your secrets. My "prize" is death. Right? RIGHT?
Gale: No no! Your like my mom! I wont eat you! I promise! Come. Here.
*Gale goes very close*
Gale: *Takes a knife and stabs Skye as quick as he can*
Gale: Fool. If you were my "mom" you would have known that i never make promises.

This is a story for Skye, and her OC Gale.
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  1. LokaMocha
    Bro, I never even saw this. This is so good.
    May 30, 2018
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