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Minuns Lost Sister: Campfire Story: Minuns lost sister.

by Popplio

Popplio Get your marchmellows. Cuz there are a story ready for ya!
A long time ago there was a guy named Minus, he had a sister named Plus. In math, Minus was good at minus things, while Plus, was good at plus things. It was a cold night. Minus and two of his friends Joe, and Carl was sitting near the forest.
Joe: Carl, try sitting on that stone.
Minus: No! Thats the "Life Stone" you are not allowed to sit on it!
Carl: Ah, c'mon Minus! You are not a mathmom!
Joe: Yeees! See Minus? He's doing it!
Minus: NO! *Pushes Carl away*
Joe: Oke, why did you do that Minus? You stupid math teacher!
Minus: Its just because.. I think something weird would happen if anybody sits on the rock..
Joe: Dude, small children play on it. They are even running on it!
Minus: Well. Maybe the small children is allowed to sit on the rock ?
Carl: Thats just weird Minus, im going home. Are you coming Joe?
Joe: Yeah, Minus come to my house on Sunday and i will prove that nothing happens.
Minus: *goes home and go in bed* Ugh, why do these two always have to be so brave?!
Sunday *Deathline*
Minus: Oh no, its sunday.. Ugh. Joe is going to sit on the rock today, but Minus, c'mon i have seen GalacticElliot for too long.. I have even started to sound like him, i also talk to myself, WHY MINUS?!
Joe: Oh hey, you came Minus!
Minus: Yeah, can we go over to the stone now?
*Joe and Minus goes to the stone*
Minus: *thinks* Oh shaaat, its Plus. Are she trying to climb the rock too? *Joe blinks to Minus on the "Im going smart" way* Oh no Joe. You can't do that.. Not to Plus.
Joe: Hey Plus! Do you want to be a coooool kid? Then sit on that stone!
Minus: Plus! Don't do it, mom will be very angry at you!
Plus: Minus, why does mom get angry when i sit on a rock?
*Plus sits on the rock*
Plus: Ehm, is it weird that the rocks vibrating?
*A portal opens and take Plus in it*
Minus: Pluss! NOOOOOO!

To be continued..
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  1. LokaMocha
    Cool story bro
    Mar 4, 2016