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Minuns Lost Sister: Campfire Story: Minuns lost sister. (The END!)

by Popplio

Popplio The end of Minuns lost sister, hope it ends GOOD? Lets-a-see!
(For those who havent read the last one, read it before you go here.)
Plus: W- where am i?
??: Hello Stranger!
Plus: Huh? Who are you?
Koffing: Im Coffe- Koffing!
Plus: Koffing, what is this?
Koffing: You have fallen down from Lord Helix! (HE IS OUR GOOOOD!) but don't worry, small Growlithes play on it sometimes.
Plus: *thinking* Growlithes? Are all children called "Growlithes" in this world? And why is Koffing a goofy smokeball?
Koffing: Well. Come my dear Plusle i will show you around!
Plus: *thinking* I should stay low.. But im a electric mouse?! Huh, guess thats normal, then im a "Plusle" i think.
*Koffing and Plus goes around*
Koffing: Ah! Here! Thats Furrets shoe shop! You can buy everything there!
Koffing: And thats Leavannys cafe! You can get the best cookies in the world there!
Koffing: Theres Rhydons shop, blah blah blah.
Plus: That person looks really odd. Who is that there Koffing? That person with blue hair that has a yellow triang-
Koffing: Ehm. Lets just go away from that Plusle.
????: OPEN OPEN! Good hotdogs! Straight from the underground!
Koffing: Ah! There! Hey Dunsparce!
Dunsparce: Hey! Koffing my friendo! Koffing did ya know, that i sell teapots now? Pretty hot huh?
Koffing: Yeah, let me introduce you to Dunsparce Plus. Everybody loves good old Dunsparce here!
Dunsparce: Thats right! Somebody even takes me as a god for them! *Dunsparce seems happy*
Plus: *thinks* Huh, god? Me and Minus found a thing called "Pokecharms" there was a dude called Teapot? No no, a Dunsparce isnt a human.
*Koffing and Plus goes around a bit*
Plus: Woaw! Is that a dragon?
Koffing: Oh yeah, we only have one dragon in this town that looks like that. Don't look at it.. It comes with so lame jokes! And it can't take a break, it controle the winds.
Plus: Poor guy.
*goes a bit longer*
Koffing: AH! Im blowing away! Help!
Plus: Koffing! *Plus holds Koffing*
???: Haha! oh sorry puffball!
Koffing: Don't look at him..
Plus: Koffing, who is this guy?
???: WHAT??! You don't know me?! I am a Master! See my hat? Pretty cool huh?
Koffing: -sigh- Plusle, this is Charizard or "Master" as he calls himself.
Charizard: Thats right, sorry i BLEW you away puffball! Haha!
Koffing: What do you want the most Charizard, you can go now, or you have to look at my uncle in 10 hours.
Charizard: NO-UH! See ya Pikaclone see ya Puffball! ew.. Uncle!
Plusle: Why is he so afraid of your uncle?
Koffing: His name is Ness, i don't need to say more.
*goes a little bit around*
Plus: Is that guy searching for a stone?
???: YES! Dear Plusle! But come here for a bit! Koffing can ya wait?
Koffing: Sure, take all your time! -sigh- Stoner..
???: I know who you are, i am also from the human world, i can't back but you can, the ring is big enough for you.. Come with me. *Yells* KOFFING! I know this Plusle, and she needs to be in a another town! Say bye! good.
*Stoner walks away with Plus*
Plus: Who are you?
Stoner: Well, in a website called "Pokecharms" I am known as a Kalosite, you don't need to know more.
Stoner: Here is the portal when i say *Twitch Plays Pokemon knows how it feels, no dome. only Helix is allowed. OPEN* the portal will open. You only have five seconds to get in. So hurry! I will say the words now. *blah blah*
*Portal opens*
Stoner: Quick get in!
Minus: PLUS! *Minun hugs Plus*
Minus: Where have you been? You were away in one week! I came back everyday and waited. And here you are!
Plus: Waow, it only felt like one hour there.
Minus: Come Plus. We are going home.

THE END! These people i have put in the history, see if you can spot them! @The Kalosite @SkyetheFabulous @Pokemon Master Blue @WindRyder @Teapot
  1. LokaMocha
    OH! XD
    Mar 5, 2016
  2. Popplio
    @SkyetheFabulous That person looks really odd. Who is that there Koffing? That person with blue hair that has a yellow triang- see if that makes sense, they are also running away.
    Mar 5, 2016
    SkyetheFabulous likes this.
  3. WindRyder
    I must be the fabulous wind controlling dragon XD
    Mar 5, 2016
  4. LokaMocha
    I can't spot myself. ;_; Cool story either way!
    Mar 5, 2016
  5. Popplio
    Mar 5, 2016
    Pokemon Master Blue likes this.
  6. Steel Seth
    Steel Seth
    I guess I am ??? Or Charizard ^^
    Mar 5, 2016
  7. Popplio
    @The Kalosite You arent a Lucario you are just called a stoner x3
    Mar 5, 2016
  8. IDom_
    When I spotted myself, I cried. #IshallneverbeaLucario:(
    Mar 5, 2016