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Pokemon OCs: Calypso (Callie)

by limniris

calypso-nomakeup.png calypso-makeup.png
limniris Here she is, the most Mary Sue sprite edit I've ever attempted. Calypso is for a ~romance~ RP that may or may not be taking off. If it isn't, then into the barrel of unused OCs for you, Callie! I'm actually kind of proud of her, despite her pink locks and navy blue tail and horrible hibiscus flower, so I'm posting her. It proves that I too can make sprite edits for OCs that look like they came right out of Barbie's fever dreams.

Calypso is a level 41 female Milotic with the Hidden Ability Cute Charm. Her moves are Attract, Captivate, Aqua Tail, and Recover. I have no reason for her being a different color, she's not supposed to be shiny or anything. I guess she's just cool like that. /sarcasm

Her defining virtue is her beauty, and her defining flaw is also that. Calypso is beautiful and knows that she is, and therefore she's extremely vain. Her hobbies include collecting seashells and feeling beautiful. Often by mocking those less beautiful.

For a Pokemon with such alluring scales, Calypso does not manage to keep a partner. All potential ones leave within a few days of putting up with her constant preening. Calypso is therein somewhat lonely, and has a secret desire for a more domestic life. Should she meet someone willing to date her at this point (and should she deem them worthy lol), Callie would be more than happy to reciprocate.

Don't think she has a visible inferiority complex or low self-esteem, though. She's the type to keep her feelings locked away, mulling them over only when alone. Calypso only shows weakness to those she trusts dearly, and at the moment, that's no one.

How's that for predictable characterization? Honestly, I've never done a romance rp, so this probably sounds like it came out of a dime novel from the 1940s. Best I could do at the moment. I would like to try more stuff like this, to get a better feel for it, but I might just stick to my regular OCs.
  1. limniris
    @Pixilate One of those free-to-use tilesets on deviantart, I'll see if I can find the original but I made this awhile ago. Sorry :(
    Aug 11, 2017
  2. qlovers
    Huh? Where did you get the Sea Shells from?
    Aug 11, 2017