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Calliope's Red Paws

by Jaxton Valentine

Jaxton Valentine The first work in the series, giving an insight on how Jaxton's pokemon are the way they are. We start, of course, with his starter. Calliope, or 'Mittens', His Swampert.
As most simple things go, we will start from the beginning.

Pulling out from the normal 7 region view of the world, we pan over to the region of Orre. Pretty far off to travel but we aren't done yet. Heading north a smidgen and east, we reach the Great Plains. Near the southern edge of it rests a dry, red land. Hills covered in Scrub Oak and vines. The soil is rich in iron from a time long passed, rusting away now that the deposit has surfaced.

Now we find a small lake. It's been a while since humans have lived in the area but that makes it the perfect habitat to see a minor species variant thrive. Here, Swampert, Quagmire, Wooper, and other muddy pokemon make their home here. They are darker in shades then their official counterparts, with some taking on a dark green hue to better match the murky waters they hunt in.

For Swampert, this is the case. In most. Some are still born in their preselective evolution genes but they all have the one thing in common. If they are born on Red Dirt, they have the signature burgundy 'mittens' over their feet and hands. No matter if their Mudkip, Marshtop, or Swampert, they will always have those markings.

How Red Mitten Mudkip made it to Hoenn, I have no idea but Jaxton and Calliope hit it right off.
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