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Byron's Service Pokemon

by Masked Mildew

Masked Mildew Byron's Pokemon family like to help him out after he left Roark and his ex-wife behind.
By now, Bronzong had ended up being Byron’s personal cooking instructor. He’d been out to get these totally useless ingredients for every little thing the Pokemon wanted to make that he’d learned 50 types of spices that he could name off the top of his head. And even then, Bronzong didn’t want to stop in sharing it’s joy of the culinary arts with Byron just by sending him out shopping, it eventually started to request Byron’s help with adding ingredients and mixing up weird doughs. The Steel specialist was rather unsupportive at first, because it all reminded him of when he’d watch Roark help his mom with cooking, but eventually it became a nice way to wind down.

He likes to make poffins.

Steelix was by far one of Byron’s more stubborn Pokemon. This became rather apparent ever since the first time Byron had been looking to walk into the Iron Islands and not come back. Fortunately, Steelix was with him and used it’s sheer willpower and strength to break it’s capsule, grab Byron into it’s mouth and slither quickly out of the abandoned mineshafts.

The Gym Leader is both thankful and a little bit frustrated by the Pokemon’s actions- because Steelix always ends up breaking it’s Pokeball, and Byron has to go and buy another.

The Pokemon that Byron relies on the most would have to be his beloved Bastiodon. It’s a staple of the Canalave Gym, let alone the city itself. Everyone loves seeing it walk around outside, and are always there with poffins or pokeblocks to give it when it passes by. Most of the time, Byron lets his Bastiodon wander about the place on it’s own, since it wasn’t allowed inside his home since it was a Shieldon, and knowing the community would make sure it wouldn’t try to break the bridge or fall into the canal.

However, even without being in the same house as Byron, the Bastiodon knows when it’s Trainer is upset and goes running to his home. It’s galloping is very loud, and Byron had grown to know that whenever he hears it, he was to run outside immediately to stop the Pokemon from busting in the wall. This always ends up with the Pokemon biting his shirt and pulling him away for relaxing walks, or if Byron’s really not feeling well, he can sit or rest on Bastiodon’s back while the two go through Canalave. People have become accustomed to this and will make sure young children don’t go and try to pet the Pokemon.

Their walks aren’t limited to Canalave City, though. Bastiodon is very smart and knows if it’s ever needed to bring Byron to Iron Island by climbing on the boat, or if it should go for a stroll to Floaroma Meadows. He makes sure never to bring Byron to Oreburgh, though, as it’d just end up making it’s trainer feel worse.