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Katie's Alolan Adventures: Bwark

by Rainbowditto

Rainbowditto (Ok ya there's some spoilers for sun & moon but i'm on a writing kick) From my sweet baby Lottie's pov UuU~ shes a brionne in this
It's been a couple of weeks since Katie had first met Lottie, and although Katie had kept in touch with her mother, there had been no video calls. Luckily, however, the Battle Royal Pokemon Center had a video enabled PC.

Katie Turned to Lottie and smiled weakly. "Ok Lotts, BounBoun, Vicky, Jasp, you guys get to meet my other teams. Also please for the love of god don't mention that I'm on 3 hours of sleep."
(Lottie=Brionne, Bouncee= Steenee, Victoria=Oricorio, Jasper=Salandit)

Lottie turned to the rest of the team with a smile as Katie worked the PC. "<Alright guys, These are our first impressions for the other pokemon that Katie has had before us. Keep in mind that she's taken on the Hoenn League and the Kalos League, so lets show them what the island trial pokemon are made of!>"

Victoria let out a happy twitter and lept up for a moment, while Bouncee and Jasper completely ignored the speech. Lottie began to sweat nervously. This was going to go terrible wasn't it? Probably.

A loud beep and a ringing noise alerted the pokemon to Katie's succession on getting the PC to work, and Katie turned to her Team with an excited grin. "Get ready guys!"

She scooped up Lottie, Jasper, and Bouncee, setting them on the counter where the PC sat, and Victoria fluttered up by herself.

Another loud beep sounded, and an image flashed on screen. Pokemon shouting and an angry voice welcomed the team to Katie's family.

A raichu took up most of the screen, and you could almost see a greninja if you squinted. An angry Hawlucha squawking was heard in the background, and every now and then you could see a heart shaped pikachu tail take up the entirety of the screen. Loud human yelling was the most hearable thing and Katie simply laughed at the calamity of what was happening on screen.

Lottie, on the other hand, could not in her right mind understand what was going on. And apparently neither could any other of the alolan pokemon.

Katie, seeing how uncomfortable her new pokemon were, stopped laughing and instead yelled into the microphone.

"Oi Sasha get your butt off the camera and let me see my mom you idiot!"

There was silence for a moment, and the raichu- er, Sasha- complied. Then a woman- presumably Katie's mom- took up the screen and smiled. "Hi honey! I had the boys set the spare for the pokemon, remember when you were in Hoenn? Yeah like that. We already called the other PC so we can talk and they can meet!"

"Thanks mama!" Katie turned away from the PC, and answered a video call that the closest PC had gotten. She set up the audio almost blindly, and moved her pokemon over to the screen before sitting down to talk to her mom.

Lottie found herself looking at the raichu again, but this time from the right end. "<Erm,>" Lottie began, "<I'm Lottie, and this is Bouncee, Victoria, and Jasper and we're->"

"<Hey so not to be rude or anything but what the->" Lottie covers her ears, "<- is the Island challenge?>"

Another voice speaks from the PC, the greninja. "<Ok, first of all Sasha, move the->" Lottie once again covers her ears, "<-Away from the camera. Secondly, that was rude so be quiet so I can make a decent first impression.>"

Sasha moves away, and the rest of Katie's team comes into view. The greninja is sitting in front, squinting at the camera, with 11 more pokemon sitting around him. Sasha soons jumps into view of the camera, and takes a seat next to the greninja.

"<Alright,>" the greninja starts, "<Introduce yourselves guys, they already have, so we're the ones being rude here.>" He yawns before continuing. "<I'll start. I'm Felix, Katie's first starter.>" Lottie feels a spike of anxiety, but smiles at him warmly despite it.

One by one, each of them introduces themselves, and Lottie begins to relax. That is, until a large, red and white pokemon appears on screen. Even Jasper, who had until that point been very interested in another trainer's salazzle, snapped back to the screen and stared.

A latias was currently glaring at the screen, a deep maroon scarf wrapped around her neck.

"I'm Faith," She began. And that was a first for Lottie. A pokemon that could speak english. "And I swear to all I've ever known if you've not been treating my sweet Katie correctly in any way shape or form I will-"

"<Faith you're blocking the screen.>"

She backed up before continuing her now less threatening speech.

"I will fly myself over there and show you how a pokemon should act towards their trainer!"

"<Faith oh my god you do this every time someone even looks at Katie.>"

Bouncee giggles, and then breaks into a laugh. Lottie, and the rest of Katie's pokemon stare.

"<I'm sorry it's just,>" she wipes away a tear from laughter, "<My last owner didn't have any other pokemon and I had no idea that having a team to battle with would be so much fun!>"

Saffron, a cosplay pikachu who had introduced herself earlier, groans. "<Oh yea its fun alright, unless you're stuck with this one!>" She jabs an elbow into Sasha, and Sasha squeaks in anger.


The video cuts out, and Katie scoops up Lottie. "I'm done!" She says happily, and Jasper stares at his trainer, Victoria joining him a moment later.

"<So does that mean we're going to the hotel to sleep or...>" He begins, but Katie recalls him into his great ball, so his comment is left unfinished. She then recalls Victoria and Bouncee a moment later and hums contentedly to herself as she trots out of the pokemon center.

"Back to the hotel!" She says almost triumphantly, clicking her page rider and shifting her grip on Lottie's chubby little body.

Lottie smiled at her trainer and squeaked. She was glad to be a part of this team.