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But Never a Key

by Shikowara

Shikowara My friend gave me the title of one of their favorite songs as a prompt. And here's how it went:
Oh, how he missed the good old days. That was when he didn’t have a care in the world. Where the world seemed to ignore him and he could just live a normal life. But no, he had to involve himself in something that ended with him being locked up in some sort of evil villain lair. Like, what even was this? A movie? Ha, not in his life it wasn’t.

“How long have you been messing with the lock?” Asked the odd looking man that was watching him. He did not have any horns on his head and his skin was a weird tan-like color.

“I dunno, you tell me. I don’t have a watch,” He replied, shaking the lock vigorously.
The man looked down at his watch.

“20 minutes,” He told him. At this, he let go of the lock and continued to slouch on the floor of the cage.

“What do you want from me anyways?”

“Well, since you’re a unknown species—“

“‘Unknown species’!? What on Jupiter are you talking about? You’re the unknown species!” He did not understand why he thought he was an ‘unknown species’. He looked perfectly normal. Two short horns on his head, light blue skin, and yellow eyes. I mean, you can’t get more normal than that, can you now.

“Okay, okay, calm down. You may not be an unknown species where you live, but where we’re from we’ve never even seen you guys before,” He explained.
Suddenly, another man entered the room. He was tall, had black hair and had very pale skin. These guys were getting weirder by the minute.

“Good evening, young Jupiterian. I assume you don’t know who I am?” He asked the boy.

“No, why would I?” The Jupiterian boy replied. The man went to say something, but then closed his mouth, then opened it again.

“I was going to put you in a maze, but the last Jupiterian I put in here got out of that rather quickly—“

“Heh, mazes are child’s play,” The boy muttered.

“—so I replaced it with the locked door of this cage.”

“Speaking of locked doors…can I have the key?”
The man laughed.

“Whats your name?”

“Carpo, why?”

“I see, you were named after one of Jupiter’s moons.“

“Jupiter’s whats?”
The man smirked.

“That doesn’t matter now. Is there something I can offer you?” But before Carpo could answer, “I can not let you out. You will never be free, until I’m done with you, that is. But don’t worry, I’ll provide all you’ll need…But never a key.” The man cackled as he left the room. Carpo didn’t know what to do. If the man kept his word, he would see his family and friends again, but not for a long time.

“Beer?” The watchman held up a glass bottle.

“What?” Carpo asked, not sure what ‘beer’ was.

“Don’t give the kid beer, you idiot!” A women with long orange-y hair walked into the room. She was also tall, not as tall as the other man, but she was tall. She came up to the cage and shook it a bit. Then chuckled in amusement. “You’re cute, you know that?”

“Shut up, get me out of here!” Carpo stood up and shook the cage himself.

“I like your hair, by the way. It’s such a nice color. Matches with your skin,” She pointed to his curly light blue hair.

“Dang it, I told you to shut up! I want out of here!” He shook the cage harder.

“Watch it, kid, you’re gonna give yourself a concussion.”
Carpo groaned loudly at this, he sat back down grumpily.

“Go away and die,” He told the women. She laughed.

“Not until you do,” She shot back.

“Not until you give me the key.”


Carpo sat there in silence for the rest of the day. The women and watchman talked most of the time and played on their phones. Well, he thought they were phones, they were rectangular instead of circular, but whatever. He missed his friends. He was hanging out with them right before he was kidnapped. They had gone to get food while he saved their table. They were probably worried or mad, or both. I mean, he promised to save their table. It was probably already taken by now.
The tall man said he would give him whatever he wished, except the key to the cage. Like, why a cage? He wasn’t an animal. Well, to them he probably looked like some kind of exotic monkey fish. Why did they want him? He probably would have known if he didn’t interrupt the watchman. Oh well, might as well just sit here and rot, he thought. Goodbye, Jupiter. See you in a century…
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