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Ry_Burst Requests: Burgundy meets his Partner

by Ry_Burst

Ry_Burst Okay so this story was requested by @Performer Alice. i've been meaning to write this story up for a while. I've had Writter's Block and haven't been able to think for a while. Then of course when I tried to write it, right before I finished I accidently lost my work. So after a while, here it is!
"Bye dad," Burgundy said, as he exited the village. It was a crisp autumn evening, with a nice cool breeze. The perfect kind of night to relax and take a soothing stroll through the woods.

The boy listened to the quiet shrieks of the distant Woobat, and thought to himself. His psychic powers hadn't kicked in yet, and he still didn't have a partner. And to add to the problems, his father wanted him to have a Ghost Type Pokemon as a Partner, and he had no idea what Pokemon he wanted.

After a while, he soon began to stray off the well trodden path. Sure the main path was safer, but where was the adventure. Sometimes you just needed to take risks. As Burgundy walked along, he heard a quite shriek. It was unlike anything Burgundy had ever heard before.

The boy made a turn and followed the noise, until it eventually became very loud. Ahead of him was a small white Pokemon, who seemed to be trapped under a branch. Burgundy walked over and freed the small Pokemon, before noticing it was a Litwick. "Well I need a ghost type Pokemon so I'll choose you, little guy." Burgundy said smiling.
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  1. Performer Alice
    Performer Alice
    Awwwww I love this so much!! Thank you <333
    Mar 17, 2017