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Gaiien Region: Bug-type Eeveelution: Scorpeon

by Keleri

scorpeon dex.png
Keleri Eevee → (Lv. up in Great Hive) Scorpeon

#159 - Scorpeon
Arthropod Pokemon

They work together to swarm attackers and protect young Eevee. Their sense of smell is acute, being able to detect enemies from several kilometers away. Their sting is amazingly painful, but not deadly.

Base Stats: 95/65/130/60/110/65 (525)

Ability: Swarm/[Compoundeyes]

Moveset: Twineedle, Bug Bite, Lunge, Megahorn, Leech Life, Fell Stinger, Infestation, Pin Missile, Fury Cutter, Steam Roller, X-Scissor, Poison Sting, Poison Tail, Cross Poison, Poison Fang, Sting Cross, Tailstrike, Swarm Sting, Acid Claw, Acid Fang, Vitriolic Slash
  1. pluveon
    Wow, Sugimori style! Nice!
    Sep 16, 2019
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