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Buddies on Brighter Shores

by Curtkid

Sparkling & Max.jpeg
Curtkid A little tribute to @alotheprimarina and her cute little comic "Adventures in Alola". It started off as just a sketch of Sparkler and Max (The Popplio and Litten Respectively) but I decided to go ahead and color it. The comic has become fairly popular here on 'charms and I can see why, it's simple, sure, but charming and with cute characters and...well, each page just puts a smile on my face and brightens my day a bit! Honestly, I hope she keeps on working on her art, keeps drawing, and just keeps on getting better!

As for the picture itself, I think it came out alright, but I noticed a few things I could have "touched up" on. I really like some of it, like the warmer colors and Mario-Sunshine style sun, I think some of it looks off, like the tree and the shading. I think part of that comes from my initial planing on it just being a stand alone sketch and then trying to make it into something that's kind of a mix between a stand picture and a cover for the comic.

Guess I got a lot to work on myself as an artist, eh, all that really matters is that Alo like it.

Pokemon is copyright Nintendo, Gamefreak, and The Pokemon Company and "Adventures in Alola" was/is being made by @alotheprimarina ....I gotta get around to doing my own comic, but I'm not sure if its my laziness holding me back or insecurities....probably both....
    umm i have one question curtkid why is sparkling shiny? xD
    Feb 17, 2018
  2. Curtkid
    @alotheprimarina Glad you like it, maybe sometime down the line I'll do a group picture with all the main characters, after they've all been introduced of course!
    Aug 22, 2017
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    Aug 21, 2017
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