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Brugas: Lore and History

by Blxckwolf

Blxckwolf The Brugas Region is one with many tales of legend. Below you will find some of those legendary stories.
Some three thousand years ago, the Brugas Region was ruled over by King Leopold and his Queen Eleanor. The people of Brugas lived in peace and harmony under this King's rule for many years.

In the shadows, King Leopold's brother Balthazar envied Leopold's position on the throne, and sought to dethrone his brother and claim the Crown of Brugas for himself. He befriended an evil Pokémon named Washeevil, in order to help him fulfill that destiny.

After nights of coming up with a devious plan, Balthazar and Washeevil stormed the castle, laying waste to most of it before making it to King Leopold's chambers, only to find that he and Queen Eleanor has already fled.

Together they hid in the castle's crypts, procrastinating their unfortunate fate for as long as they could. Before Balthazar could find them, Eleanor casted a spell, unleashing her and the King's spirits from their bodies in search of a new and stronger host to defeat Balthazar once and for all. The pair were reincarnated as the Legendary Pokémon Regallion and Heracorna, and overpowered Balthazar with ease.

While Washeevil was able to escape, Regallion and Heracorna obliterated Balthazar into nothingness. No longer able to claim Brugas' Throne, Regallion and Heracorna were burdened to live on as Pokémon.

Heracorna created the Protectors of the Kingdom in order to secure the safety of Brugas and make sure no unworthy person could claim rule over Brugas.

These three Pokémon were;
Viscrown, Protector of the Crown.
Scemperor, Protector of the Sceptre
Thronarch, Protector of the Throne.

Now, many years later, only one artefact has ever been found. The Crown of Brugas is currently located in the museum of Retralis City, under the protection of Viscrown.

The Throne of Brugas is buried somewhere deep under the rubble of the Abandoned Castle, but is nowhere to be found yet.

Where the Sceptre of Brugas is hidden remains a mystery to this day.

Regallion, Heracorna and Washeevil have never been seen again.