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Brock makes it to Aloha: Brock meeting Ash again! pt. 1

by YoltLuigi

YoltLuigi Brock finally caught up to Ash once more.
Brock had gotten off the plane to Aloha, when he sees Ash and Serena ahead of him. Brock yells, "Hey Ash!" Ash turns around and finds Brock running down the plane steps. "Who is this pretty," Brock says. Ash says, "This is Serena, I met her while I was in Kalos." Brock says, "Hey there, wanna date?" "Me and Ash is dating already," Serena says. Brock falls in awe. Serena and Ash laughs. Pikachu jumps on Brock. "Hey Pikachu, long time no see," says Brock. Ash asks, "How is the breeding work going?" "It is hard, any ways wanna go to the first gym and battle the gym leader," Brock asks. Ash says, "How about we battle first, I wanna see how stronger your Pokemon has gotten." Brock and Ash battles, while Serena makes food and tea.

TO BE CONTINUED......................
  1. BlazinDelphox
    A few things to note: Serena went to another region and Brock wouldn't flirt any way (she's too young). Also "Me and Ash is dating already" should be "Too late, we're already dating."
    Sep 19, 2017