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Bridget "Birdie" Forst (UPDATED)

by deerqult

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deerqult Personal Data
Name: Bridget “Birdie” Forst
Age: 16, almost 17
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Height: 5’2”
Weight: 140 lbs
Hair Color: Brown
Eye color: Cherry/reddish brown

Relationship Status: Single and really lonely

Standard: Bridget’s standard outfit consists of a yellowish, off-white tee shirt and a light blue, jean overall dress. She also wears over-the-knee white socks and orange hiking sneakers. When it gets chilly, she has an optional pastel pink jacket with a Pokeball on the back.
Snowy: When in colder regions, Bridget slips on a pastel pink, double-breasted button-up coat and switches out her orange hiking sneakers for light brown, fur-lined boots that go up to her mid-calf.
Beach: When at the beach, the pool, or in water, Bridget has a peachy orange one-piece swimsuit with frills above both thighs.

Accessories: Bridget’s accessories include her peachy orange backpack, her ribbon with her megastone key on it, and her Pokedex gifted to her by Professor Rowan when she went to visit his Lab in Sandgem Town after winning her first badge.

Birthplace: Floaroma Town, Sinnoh Region
Birthday: February 25th
Zodiac: Pisces
Occupation: Pokemon Trainer
Affiliations: NA
Alignment: True Neutral

Likes: Exploring new places, Pokemon, amateur gardening, writing her own poetry, singing, and keeping things organized.
Dislikes: Public speaking, intensive physical labor, being made fun of for her weight, math, tightrope walking, and big social events.
Fears: The dark, needles, thunderstorms, and ending up alone.

Badges: Bridget has earned 8 Sinnoh badges thus far, and plans on taking on other regions as well!
Other Achievements: Before Bridget left on her Pokemon journey, her grandmother challenged her to a battle to test her skills and how well she had bonded with her first Pokemon, Buneary. It was no easy fight, but she managed to win just barely. Her grandmother, pleased with Bridget’s progress, rewarded her with the family heirloom which was a mega stone.

Personality: At first, it’s evident that Bridget is shy and hesitant; she isn’t a very big fan of overwhelming crowds/parties, and prefers smaller, less stressful groups to hang out with. However, once you eventually get to know her, she may become the most extroverted, most kind, and caring girl you know with a sense of humor. Being a rather neutral presence, she likes to do her best to look at things from a non-bias point of view before making decisions.When her friends or her Pokemon are having a kerfuffle, Bridget is the most likely to step in and help calm down the situation! This habit has rubbed off onto her Pokemon partner, Lopunny (Bonnie), as she too likes to help ease rising tensions, at least for Bridget’s sake.
It’s also important to note that she gets her feelings hurt very easily. She ain’t a tough cookie. Because of this, what others say to her has a pretty big impact on how she feels, especially about herself. But overall, Bridget is a kind, creative, and caring girl who can sometimes let her emotions get the best of her.

Background: On a blustery cold night, it was Jubilife City where Bridget was born to Fern and Jasper Forst. Fern and Jasper were in their early twenties when they had their first child, and regrettably, they were not responsible nor were they ready for parenthood. During the first two years of Bridget’s life, it was full of neglect, both intentional and unintentional. They would leave her unsupervised for hours while they were at a party, or wouldn’t give her proper nutrition. At times, they would simply let her cry until she stopped crying on her own.
It was when Bridget’s grandmother came to visit that her life would change for the better. Seeing the awful treatment of the child, her grandmother got enraged at her own daughter and after winning an argument, Bridget was taken away from the neglect of her parents to live with her grandparents (both florists) in Floaroma Town to the north. Now living in a quiet neighborhood surrounded by nature instead of in a city apartment, Bridget, affectionately nicknamed Birdie by her grandmother, began to grow up and get the love and attention she needed to flourish. Because of the previous abuse at the hands of her parents, and once she was old enough to fully comprehend what was going on, she sought comfort in food which led to her weight increasing to the point that she was pretty chubby, and she never aimed to get healthy, mostly because her grandparents never made her. Even when she started school at age 5, and kids called her names for her weight and avoided her, she simply ate food to get rid of those negative feelings.
It was only a year or so later when she was called annoying for the first time when her mother came to visit her. This caused her to not be as open and quieter, thinking that would be the only way she could “stop being annoying”. Bridget is still rather quiet and reluctant to speak to this day. At age 9, this girl met her first Pokemon and partner, Buneary. With her grandparents in the nearby flower fields, Bridget found an injured Pokemon when helping out with finding pretty sproutlings. Immediately she asked her grandmother if they could take the Buneary to the Pokemon Center, and her grandmother agreed. Over the course of this very important afternoon, Bridget and Buneary, who she started calling Bonnie, grew close over the experience they shared, and after convincing her grandparents, they helped her catch this Pokemon. Buneary was Bridget’s first real friend, and they are so close that Buneary rarely ever went into her Pokeball.
At age 11, Bridget decided to start her journey. Before she left, though, her grandmother wanted to test her to see if she was truly ready by winning in battle.
With her Buneary, she fought valiantly against her grandmother, and managed to win by a hair. As a gift, her grandmother gave her the family heirloom, which was a megastone key. Wearing it on her headband as a symbol of pride, she set off to seek new friends and Pokemon, and maybe learn more about herself as well.
At age 13 when she had made it through to her seventh gym in Sinnoh, her grandmother had called her back home to Floaroma town for a very dire reason. Rushing to Floaroma Town where her grandmother lives, she finds her on her bed, weak with sickness. Bridget was given a clue about something pertaining to mega evolution and where to find a hidden stone of Lopunnite located in Eterna Forest. To fulfill her grandmother's wishes and her own, she went on a quest that took her deep into the woods where she and her partner underwent very rigorous trials that tested their bonds in order to get to the stone. Eventually, the pair were successful, and obtained a small, round gem within a stone wall mural. They had found a Lopunnite, the very same one that, unbeknownst to them, Bridget’s grandmother had found when she was young and going on her own journey as a trainer.
Now at age 16, Bridget has completed the Sinnoh League, and has traveled to Unova and more recently, Alola, making new friends with Pokemon and growing stronger. She and her Lopunny have also managed to master mega evolution after three years of hard work.

Battle strategy: Bridget is a textbook example of a mixed attacker. Using both physical and special attacking Pokemon, she greatly favors it over using defense for the most part. She does her best to carefully study how she can use her surroundings to her advantage against opponents, and as someone who grew up constantly watching contest battles, Bridget always puts a little flare on her moves out of habit.

Pokémon #1:
Name: Bonnie
Species: Lopunny
Nature: Adamant
Ability: Limber
Gender: Female
Moveset: Fire Punch, Jump Kick, Ice Beam, Charm
Held Item: Lopunnite

Pokémon #2:
Name: Angel
Species: Togekiss
Nature: Timid
Ability: Serene Grace
Gender: Female
Moveset: Fly, Aura Sphere, Roost, Dazzling Gleam
Held Item: Soothe Bell

Pokémon #3:
Name: Derby
Species: Sawsbuck
Nature: Lax
Ability: Sap Sipper
Gender: Male
Moveset: Energy Ball, Protect, Sunny Day, Nature Power
Held Item: Miracle Seed

Pokémon #4:
Name: Sunny
Species: Espeon
Nature: Quiet
Ability: Magic Bounce
Gender: Female
Moveset: Psychic, Shadow Ball, Future Sight, Morning Sun
Held Item: Twisted Spoon

Pokémon #5:
Name: Lux
Species: Vanilluxe
Nature: Modest
Ability: Snow Warning
Gender: Female
Moveset: Freeze-Dry, Flash Cannon, Blizzard, Mirror Coat
Held Item: Choice Specs

Pokémon #6:
Name: Wendigo
Species: Lycanroc (Midday Form)
Nature: Jolly
Ability: Keen Eye
Gender: Male
Moveset: Accelerock, Crunch, Stone Edge, Iron Head
Held Item: NA

Character theme: Ultimately by Khai Dreams
Character Battle theme: Cry Forum by Mother Mother (may change!)


AN: The mega evolution has been approved btw,,,