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Breloom Breed Variations

by StellarWind Elsydeon

StellarWind Elsydeon So. The Pokémon breeding variation art meme (initially spawned by too-much-green if I am not mistaken?) has been around on tumblr for quite a while now and probably needs no further introduction - and here’s my (rather overdue) contribution for it. Breloom is one of my many favorite Pokémon (and after all what’s not to love about dinosaurian battle-shrooms?) and because I am a giant bio nerd I named and based all these variations (save one) on some actual fungi.

This took way too effing long but I’m quite pleased with the results!

The Bicolor Bolete breed does not, in fact, particularly resemble its namesake mushroom, but its domed and two-colored, Pokéball patterened caps have given it the name regardless. It is a small and stocky breed, and is known for its somewhat greater bulk compared to many other variants.

The Amanita breed appears to have a healthy symbiotic relationship with its tochukaso as opposed to the more parasitic control it has on its typical Parasect host. It nevertheless regains some aspects of the arthropod parent, featuring well developed chitinous scutage and pale eyes.

The Devil’s Cigar breed’s body is partially covered in long fur akin to that of its Mawile parent. The fungal fruiting bodies on its head and tail appear to contain vague traces of biometallic elements and the largest one may sometimes be split open in an almost jaw-like manner.

The Lion’s Mane breed is largely covered with long fungal tendrils or spines giving it a shaggy appearance. They are usually rather even tempered and generally have a sort of a relaxed, plodding manner of approach to life - and their strength and resilience makes them a good working breed.

The Rainbow Polypore breed is one of the most impressive-looking of Breloom breeds - its slender, gracile form coupled with its striking coloration, its vaguely iridescent multicolored ‘shelves’ of fungal caps and the unusual leaflike growths on the base of its tail make it a favorite of coordinators. Do not mistake it for a fancy contest breed and nothing more, though - Rainbow Polypore Brelooms are every bit as strong as their more mundane versions - and their physique makes them even more agile than average.

The Fox Fire breed is named after its characteristic bio-luminescence rather than any specific type of luminescent mushroom. It tends to be nocturnal, and its ethereal appearance and coats of moss and dead wood allow it to blend into the dark forests where it often makes its home.

The Silver Ear breed thrives in cold places thanks to the thick coat it inherited from its Abomasnow parent. The translucent, frond-like fruiting bodies forming an elaborate frills on its head and neck are somewhat fragile due to their somewhat gelatinous texture, but quickly grow back should they be damaged.
  1. qlovers
    Oh my goodness, this is absolutely beautiful! It's so realistic and almost comes to life.Fox Fire and Rainbow Polypore is what gets my attention in this masterpiece.
    Jul 29, 2017
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  2. baratron
    Devil's Cigar is my favourite.
    Jun 8, 2015
  3. Aura
    Welp, this is amazing. Breloom in general is a really solid Pokemon design wise, and these crossbreeds just make it even cooler, especially with all the thought you've put behind them. I can't decide a favourite between the Silver Ear, Fox Fire and Amanita, they're just too cool!
    Jun 2, 2015
    PrincessPika likes this.
  4. Psycho Monkey
    Psycho Monkey
    You talked about this a lot in recent times and you certainly don't disappoint Stel! These Breloom are beautiful! Rainbow Polypore and Fox Fire are easily my favorites simply because I'm a sucker for bio-luminescence. Amazing job Stel! ^_^
    Jun 1, 2015
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  5. The Voltagonist
    The Voltagonist
    There it is! Oh how I've been longing to see the finished product. You don't disappoint. :)
    Jun 1, 2015
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  6. OmegaPichu12345
    Jun 1, 2015
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  7. theclownfish
    this in my opinion is probably your best work. it looks great!
    Jun 1, 2015
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  8. Aaronimations
    that is the sickest thing ever
    Jun 1, 2015
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  9. Shiny Pyxis
    Shiny Pyxis
    Jun 1, 2015