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Volcanic Tribes: Breaking Away from Home

by messenger

messenger The possibly diseased Cubone reports current status of the tribe, and seeks answers outside of safety.
I stood by the birds, sometimes petting their wings. Their eyes were covered with some kind of soft human-made material. Chief said it would keep them from fighting, and I think it worked.

Sis was proudly guarding my little brother over by the clan's sleeping patch. Her battle methods are a little risky, but it seems to work. She even knocked out some Salandit in our camp, and Chief said he was proud, but he might be worried. At any rate, he's stepping up training and guard patrols.

I wonder why there are so many things we have to fight. The Salandit, and these weird pokemon who shoot painful stuff at the Marowak. At least the Magby aren't attacking us as much as the old ones of us say they should be.

It looks like Chief is having a meeting with all the other Marowak. Sis seems interested in it, but she can't go, and she promised to stay with me and brother.

Maybe I'll go explore to figure out what's going on. But take one of the Fletchinder with me in case something bad happens. With everyone acting so sneakily, there's got to be answers somewhere.
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