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Ranch Stories: Boundaries

by Peachy Ace

Peachy Ace Nooooooooooooooo @WolfyPop

Sorry it's shorter then the other ones.
Midnight smiled, snuggling into Phoenix's tail. Phoenix sighed, not seeming to mind soo much, although this did mean she couldn't move. She sighed, reading a magazine on Furfrow hair styles. Once in awhile she would turn to Midnight and back. After a few minutes have passed Midnight feel asleep, Allowing Phoenix to move again. She smiled, stretching out. "Half an Hour, that's a new record." Phoenix smirked. She then turned to the window. It was dark out. She sighed. "Jeez, Midnight. We need to teach you self control." Phoenix sighed, walking off.

The Next Morning

Midnight woke up, finding Phoenix gone. "Well good things never last." He frowned. He then walked outside.

"Even a Well lit Place, can hide salvation. A map to a one man maze, that never sees the sun. Where the lost, are the heroes, and the thieves are left to drown, but Everyone knows by now, Fairy Tales, are not found." He hummed a few parts from one of his favorite songs, It Has Begun. He then stretched.

After awhile he found Phoenix. Ready to hug her fluffy tail he stopped. The Flareon wasn't moving. He then walked to Phoenix's side, staring at Phoenix, who coughed. Midnight frowned. "Phoenix, you OK?" Midnight asked. Phoenix frowned, coughing again. Midnight frowned. "Let's take you to Diamond." He frowned. He grabbed Phoenix, placing her on his back, then rushed to Diamond.

Diamond got a look at Phoenix then smile. "Don't worry, shes only sick. While she's sick, I don't want anybody touching or Helping Phoenix, I'll help her my self you hear" Diamond smiled.

Midnight frowned. "NOOO, I can't! I need her fluffy tail to survive! I won't be able to live without it." Midnight frowned. Phoenix coughed again. Midnight sighed. He sat in a corner, head down.
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    Peachy Ace
    I have no Idea :'|
    Nov 15, 2016
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    Btw when are you gonna post the new part?
    Nov 15, 2016
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    Haha he can't resist the tail!
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