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Bosconola Town

by raccoonchan12

Bosconola Town.png
raccoonchan12 Bosconola Town,is a area that is located at the mountains close to a old volcano,that used to destroyed a village 3 centuries ago.People said that there was once a Pokemon that causes destructions and dwells inside the volcano.The Volcano was then subdued to a harsh storm and is now inactive.Scientist says that the Volcano is still active,but not as harsh.The Volcano only causes small amounts of magnitude.3 years later,after the scientists examined the volcano,Bosconola town is now born.
- The town is now turned into a large research facility.It is also known as a town of gangs,similar to Pyrite Town.Like Pyrite town,there is a circle of trainers in the area near the Bosconola Gym.The area is also known for its extreme rare Pokemon around the area.
- All the rockets,and satilites is for the research and securities for the Bosconola Lab.
-The Bosconola Lab is a large research facility that works on any technologies ever made around the regions of the world.On the Top floor,is place where most people around the Bosconola Area watches and keeps tracks of areas around the areas of the region.There is a little Pokemon Center on the right side,while the woman on the ledt is the receptionist.Each person at the 1st floor watches each town and city 24/7.There are 2 places that you can go to and research about the activities they has researched,and kept in there databox.
- On the Bottom of the 1st Floor;is where the they researched more on the surface,the earth's crust,and the earth's equator.You can meet the director of the Lab and the industry,Mr.Bosconola.Once you meet the leader/admin of Team Rocket and you will meet Mr.Bosconola and he will give you a Masterball,and he will give you research of where Team Rocket are going.
The building with the 3 Starters from the Kanto region is the Poke-arcade.Like from the games in Gen 1 - 4 you can play in the are so you can earn coins and to get prizes.

- The building with the 4 red flags is the Battle Arena.You can fight there and challange a variety of different trainers.You can choose what type of battle you want to fight.
- The Large Dojo area at the Edge of the town is actually the Bosconola Museum.The building holds rare items and fossils from around the regions of the Pokemon world.
-on the left corner,there is a house with a broken window.Apperantly,someone heard that someone broke in the old abandoned warehouse and someone wants someone to investigate the problem.
- There will be 2 Monks on patrol at the gate.Once you head to the warehouse,after you'd beaten Anna and Marx,they want someone to head over to the Next area to capture him and bring him to the Bosconola Lab.