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Boryia Stories: Boryia Stories: Dragon in a Golden Cage 2/2

by Clite of Dragonbow

Clite of Dragonbow The true evil usually cames out of nowhere, from the trusted ones...
There was a man that has been said to be every soldier nightmare. He was for enemies like the worst demon and for allies, like if Deity descended to help them. Sometimes people said that they saw dragon on battlefield, that was his mount.. One thing was for sure, due to his legend Bracia was save from any wars for few years.. William Dragonheart, was this man name.
"...Let the 'Gu' begin!" said Williams voice that echoed in the room. Young Leo didn't exacly know, what is the 'Gu' and honestly felt like he doesn't want to know. For several seconds, everyone were quiet.. Richard took his sword and stood next to his little brother.
"I won't let them hurt you" he said... And then people accepted the reality... The gu officialy begun.
They fought for a half an hour now, some people took their first blood already, it was a massacer and Leo just kept being scared and hid behind his brother. Who kept swinging with his sword and slaying his opponents. They quickly realized who is the most dangerous person in this room and started to attack him all at once. Leo, too scared, didn't even want to look at this, but when he heard his brother scream. He couldn't look away, his brother received a lightning in a chest, had to block someone's sword and couldn't protect himself from spear.. He lost blood in a really fast pace.. But he had to protect his little brother. But another lightning spell, another slash with sword, another pierce with spear. He took his last breath, pushed enemies away and fell at the ground. Normally in such stories, he would say something to his brother, encourage him or something, but it wasn't a fairy tale... He died suddenly, without any warning and a 7 years old had to see it. There could be hear only scream and see massacre.
Suddenly, a black energy surrounded boy's hands, that looked like sharp long claws...
Gu.. Kind of an ancient sorcery that closes 100 poisonus animals inside to cannibilize on each other. The one that is left has the strongest poison. So far... Never used on human beings.
Aleksander learned about what his son did way too late and headed to Dragonheart's palace as fast as he could.
"Will, how could you perform 'Gu' on humans. Stop this maddnes already!" said Aleksander.
"Easy, Father... You are already too late, I think they should be done by now"
"Why you even did something like that, Will?"
"Do I need to explain myself, you little old man? Better let's check what kind of human resource stayed alive" said William.
When they entered the room, only one person could be seen... Young boy was surrounded by the bodies of other young people. At first, William thought that it is Richard, but he was dissapointed, becouse it was Leo that was the survivor.
"So the 'Gu' on humans was a failure, huh..." said Will as he saw his weaker son.
Aleksander's emotions exploded. He grabbed him and pulled closer "Are you really my son?! Does human life means nothing to you?" He asked.
"What is the human life? Didn't you tought me that I should treat my enemies as just numbers on the battlefield?" William replied.
"Wha-..." Alexander started but didn't finish as Will interrupted him.
"Life is a battlefield and this country is nothing more than brainless numbers that listen to a dumb figure with golden circle on the head. Tell me... What is the best way to solve conflict?"
William pushed slightly away his father from him "Negotiations, persuasion, arbitration... But the most effective is.. Violence"
"Doesn't violence bring only more violence?!"
"Yes.. 'Anarchic Violence' brings nothing more than pain and tyranny.. That's why I will create the world of 'regulated violence', stronger will survive in the country I aim to believe that we can create"
"When you wield violence for something like this... It makes you nothing more than a beast" Alexander yelled.
"I rather prefer being a beast than a number... Leo!" William called his son, but there was no reaction. Leo seemed like he was asleep with open eyes, just sitting in the middle of the room.
"It was a failure.. It created a broken tool. Well, time to change plans" said William and was about to leave but his Father called out for him "What do you want to do?"
"It has nothing to do with you"
"If its something like that 'Gu' idea then-..."
"What?" William turned around, black scales started to appear on his body and his eyes changed colour into shining blood red.
"You really think that you can beat me in a fight? THERE IS NO ENTITY AMONG THE LIVING THAT CAN MATCH ME! Don't force me to kill my own father and take care of this broken tool" William said and left his Father that was on his kneels from the power of his son bloodlust.
Hundreds of soldiers and Kings 4 retrainers... All of them couldn't stop this monster. King hoped to avenge their death and was now laying on the ground, and was about to be finished. "Now.. This country will change" said William that was aiming with its sword at king. He had hands and half of his face in scales and sword surrounded in fire's magic.
"Stop!" said the young elf, he had a silver-white hair and purple eyes looked straight at the monster that was about to kill his king.
"Stop?... You want to say that you aren't afraid of me?" William asked and turned to elf. Elf noticed that Will had a massive wound in a torso and smiled weakly and summoned a massive icicles on the air. "I already saw a similar monster.. But won't let similar thing to happend!"
Battle continued after a many hours and at its end. Both William and Elf, whose name was Michaelis, were laying at the ground, half-dead. If not the medics, then Michaelis could die for sure.
William died... And Dragonhearts lost a bit of a support. Michaelis became a new retrainer of the king and William was erased from Bracia's history.
Leo was studying under his Grandpa and didn't left the castle... Untill that special day.
  1. Clite of Dragonbow
    Clite of Dragonbow
    Sep 21, 2020