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Boryia Stories: Boryia Stories: Dragon in a Golden Cage 1/2

by Clite of Dragonbow

Clite of Dragonbow Those who achieve their goals by suffering of others, hardly can be called a human beings...
I was...
Born with a frail body...
The youngest...
It could be the best fate...
For the children of humans with Dragon blood...
Till the day of 'that' person death...
I never left this filled with luxury castle...
The golden cage...


Leonard Dragonheart, the youngest child of William, who was a Head of the Dragonhearts, One of four Bracian Royal Families. Born as the weakest, Father didn't cared much about his education. As a Second child of William's second wife. Leo couldn't expect to inherit anything after his father, but as his oldest brother, Richard was selected to be a 'heir'. Leo wanted to be his retrainer and be helpful for everyone. When he reached 5 years old he asked his Mom and Grandpa to teach him how to fight and to let him study under the same teachers that Richard had to prepare himself. They accepted his proposition, although asked him, why.
"Mommy and Bro Richard are the only ones that play with me" was the young boy answer...

A year later... The war between Numekosian Empire and Kingdom of Bracia started again. Everyone in Family left to Fight and only children stayed. Leo continued his education, till the day when his mother died. After that day, he just stopped...

"Leo! Where are you, Leo?!" Richard searched in Castle garden's his younger half-brother. It was a really nice day, sun gave the light to this beautiful place, water looked like shining crystal, flowers bloomed surrounding the garden with every single known by world colour. After hours of searching, Richard found a 7 years old boy, looking at the roses and humming.
"Oh, you are here Leo" said Richard with relief that his younger brother has been found.
"Something happend?" asked Leo and looked at his Older Brother, clearly annoyed that he interrupted him and his thoughts.
"It seems that father needs us for something, as he told me to bring you and rest of our siblings to a training room after my classes" said Richard and after a while added.
"We couldn't talk recently, could we?"
"Yeah, you were really busy..."
"Do you remember when we played that I am an evil monster and you are a hero. You saved your mom from my evil fangs so many times.. And when you found a wolf puppy and was giving him snacks in secret... Or when we played chess together? I could never win with you.. " Richard chuckled and looked at his younger brother. "I am worried about you.. Remember that it wasn't just your Mother.. I, Grandpa, our sisters and dad... We are your family too so let us help you. I don't ask you to forget, just to move on" said Richard, but he couldn't hear any reply from the boy. After some time, both of them headed to a training rooms.

In a training rooms, there were already their sisters and many young people. Some of them Leo recognized and some of them he couldn't. Everyone had some sort of weapon with them. Even Leo and Richard as Leo always had a dagger in his pocket and Richard had with him a longsword. Leo couldn't count how many people where here and all of this felt simply weird.
Suddenly, the doors behind everyone closed and enchanted with magic didn't let anyone to leave the room.
"What the hell is happening?"
"Why are you?.."
"I want to leave!!"
Many voices screamed, suddenly William Dragonheart's voice could be hear in entire room.
"Dear children, I decided to test all of you before making my final decision about the heir. Heir should be strong, merciless and understand what it means to be in the living hell... I do not need a second rate thrash walking around my castle. Rules are simple... Kill each other, kill to your heart content and untill there won't be only one person in this room... NONE OF YOU WILL LEAVE THIS PLACE. Let the 'Gu' begin"

  1. Clite of Dragonbow
    Sep 14, 2020
  2. E.K.A.N.S.
    Well that escalated quickly
    Sep 14, 2020
  3. Clite of Dragonbow
    Clite of Dragonbow
    Sep 14, 2020