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Bonnie can't

by BonnieTheBunny

BonnieTheBunny just lettin ya know this is a note from Bonnie when all the characters end up being broken piece by piece. But Bonnie didn't right all of it Freddy wrote the breaking apart part.
I was running to the exit my eyes filled with tears. I was so mad but also sad at the same time. My bow tie ripped I burst through the door but once I ran up the biggest cliff I could find I stopped at a dead end ready to jump off the cliff. I heard Freddy panting in a distance. I screeched I felt as if my chest were to explode. Freddy yelled "Bonnie come back it's not safe!". I didn't care but one side of me told me to listen but I didn't so I walked to the end ready to jump but Freddy pulled my neck on accident. I toppled down but got back up and grabbed Freddy and pushed him aside he fell which caused a part of his leg to rip that caused a hole to be in his leg showing some endoskelton. I jumped and bashed my head on a tree which caused it to be ripped off. Headless me my arm torn off by a branch and me left to be withered my leg tore off too. Then all my parts fell off Freddy fell backwards causing his arm to be torn off but he made it. Then Freddy came back and told this to the rest of the anamatronics...
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