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Bomberman vs Pac-Man

by Thieving Fox

Thieving Fox
Bomberman vs Pac-Man
Bomberman began his day as he did every day. Blowing things up. At first, it was just playing with his pals, then enemies, then he was blown up by a mischievous Bomber, and was knocked into a brand new area. The White Bomber was now in the Pac-Maze. Wondering around a bit, he saw some red, blue, pink and orange ghosts, so he blew them up. Eventually he blew up a bunch of berries, which angered a certain yellow Namco mascot. Pac-Man rolled towards his puzzling rival and began Wakka Wakka-ing at him. Bomberman took this as a challenge, so he got in a fighting stance. Pac-Man started trying to bite Bomberman, who quickly ran away. Bomberman lifted up a bigger bomb and tossed it behind him, which Pac-Man dodged. Pac-Man then came charging back, now larger. Bomberman screamed and ran away with his double dash power up. Pac-Man paused, tired, then ate a red cherry, becoming Fire Pac-Man. He began tossing fireballs, which Bomberman was knocked down by. Bomberman saw he was on the edge of the blue line, so he jumped down, throwing bombs above him. He then jumped on a sleeping Rooey, dashing away. As Pac-Man jumped, he noticed the bombs on the bottom. He began tossing fireballs, which blew up them before he landed. Pac-Man looked around on the next line, and saw his foe planting bombs behind him, a kangaroo like creature next to him. Pac-Man pulled out the Power Pellet, and got his form of a sugar rush. He zoomed after Bomberman, munching at thin air. Bomberman saw his yellow rival, so he got on his Rooey, and tosses one more giant bomb. Pac-Man fired fireballs from his mouth, most bombs blowing up, but he was hurt by some bombs. Bomberman jumped off his Rooey, cornered and took out a giant red bomb. He hurled it at Pac-Man, who shocked it with his Pac-Sense. Pac-Man walked up to Bomberman, fireballs in hand and fired them at him. Bomberman whimpered, but was hurled up above with his jetpack by his Rooey, who was hit by the fireballs. Bomberman saluted to his knocked out loyal partner, and flew up high. Pac-Man became Metal Pac-Man, and began crawling his way up. Bomberman saw this, so he fired some bombs. Pac-Man burst through them, and began punching and kicking the jolly robot. Bomberman noticed they were about to hit the ceiling, so he grabbed Pac-Man and tossed him up above. Bomberman then flew across the maze as Pac-Man flew out of the entire game. Bomberman noticed Pac-Man trying to get back in, so he blew him up completely with a Giga Bomb.
This fight’s winner is: