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Blood and Kor: Blood and skulls for Kor

by ThAtGuY101

ThAtGuY101 Overlooking the overly edgy title, Kor has left his village and has set out on his journey. Kor does not have nor ever had a skull throne.
With nobody by Kor's side other than Roh, Kor needed to think for himself and think smart. His father, Kar had been preparing Kor for this moment, but now that the time had come, Kor had to do it himself. His father gave him the advice he would need to know in starting his journey. He also had a list of herbs and ingredients he'd need to procure if he was gonna perform his monk rituals. Kor needed various berries, herbs, pokémon bloods, and a skull to mix them in.

The berries would need to be rabuta durin and colbur berries. All three of the berries being sour and bitter creating an acidic mixture needed to mix with the herbs.

The herbs would need to be healing powder, energy roots, and revival herbs. These ingredients mixed with the berries would make the bulk of the ritual potion.

The pokémon blood would need to come from fiery pokémon, an electric rodent, and a dragon pokémon. The ritual calls for small doses of these three different bloods. The blood will need to be boiled to be safe for the ritual. The blood helps preserve the ritual potion and gives it the potency it needs.

Lastly the ritual potion would be made inside of a hollowed out skull. The reason the potion is made inside a skull is because it's a natural biomaterial. Using an iron kettle or other non-biomaterial would ruin the ritual potion. Completely ruin all your hard work!

Kor knew the locations where he would find the berries. His biggest problem now was distance which wasn't a problem for Kor. He took a decent amount of all three berries from the locations his father told him.

Gathering the herbs took more searching than the berries and took more effort to acquire, but he would walk away with plenty herbs just like he had done with the berries.

Next was the procuring of the pokémon blood and a skull. This portion of the ritual went just how you would expect. By the end of it all, kor had leather sacks filled with blood, and several pokémon skulls for ritual making.

Kor used a bone and skull as a mortar and pestle to grind up the herbs and berries then mix the blood in. Kor had several wooden jars lined with leather on the inside. The ritual potions would take a full day to ferment and gain its potent properties. The ritual potions gave off a pungent odor. Some monks rubbed pecha or persim berries on the outside of their potion jars to block the smell, but not Kor. He didn't mind the smell one bit.

"Roh!" Kor yelled.
"Meditiiiite?" Roh responded.
"Its time to eat!" Kor said gesturing towards the meat they had when they acquired the blood and skulls.

Kor respected the pokémon he hunted, and thus used all parts of the pokémon. The parts he did use would either be roasted, become jerky, or tanned into leather or buried and returned to the earth where it would decay and feed the soil. *the ciiiiiircle of liiiiiiife theme plays in the background and Mufasa is a cloud in the sky smiling down and nodding in approval*

After parts of the food were roasted over a flame, most of the meat was turned into jerky. He could use it for snacks or for bartering. Kor could only hope and pray the other two monks were fared just as well as he.

Kor ate like a heathen. A complete total savage. Food flying all over the place. It was a mess. No table manners. It was wild. Table manners weren't a thing in Demari culture. The Demari know about silverware but most will outright say it's a waste of wood/metal. Hands are just as efficient, if not more so since you can grab more with a hand than a spoon...

Despite being a pokémon, Roh was surprisingly well mannered compared to his human counterpart. Roh ate an oran berry and a little meat too. Kor gave the leftover roasted meat to two wild poochyena. The two pokemon ran off with the meat. The two drank spring water that Kor boiled beforehand.

Kor and Roh made their camp out in the woods for the night. Day 1 was coming to an end. Day 3 was the day he'd need to partake in the ritual potion he spent so much time and effort making. Kor's slept in a sleeping roll made of mostly arcanine fur. Roh had a smaller sleeping roll made of vulpix fur. The vulpix tail fur was rolled into a nice little pillow sewn into the sleeping roll.
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