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Blood and Bones: Blood and Bones (COVER)

by NightRaven

NightRaven Wlel...this turned out worse than expected.
I couldn't get Scourge's face right...
I shall redraw!
Well, Blood and Bones will be both a comic and a written story. The comic may or may not be in color...which do you choose?
Color or no color?

"A river of blood shall be led elsewhere..."
When Scourge, former leader of BloodClan, gets killed off in the battle for the forest, his mate, Shadow, gives birth to one kit; Shade. Follow the young kit in her journey to find out about her father, whom she believes was actually a good cat distraught by evil, and to find her mother...if she is still alive.

Basically, Scourge has a mate, Shadow (No, bot the founder of ShadowClan), who gives birth to one kit; Shade. Shade is pretty much trying to find out about her evil father, and find her mother.
Originally, I was trying to draw Scourge wrapping the collar around Shade's neck, but, every time I tried, it just looked weird. Hhhh........