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Blitz the Fletchling's first flight! (CONTEST)

by Galaxy Sylveon

Galaxy Sylveon This work is for @Zamcio's contest- I hope you enjoy it!
I was resting by a lake in Kalos, absolutely worn out by the consecutive walking and breaks I had to take. In my arms, an egg lay in a lovely yellow blanket. I looked down at my egg to see a light crack in it. The egg started shaking lightly and the cracks increased. One final blow took the top of to egg right off. In the egg shell, a Fletchling peeked out and looked around mischievously. "Fletch!" He exclaimed and jumped out of the egg shell with ease. I watched the Fletching in amazement, but then I noticed the M on his one wing. "I'll name you Blitz" I said with a brief nod towards the Fletchling. Blitz stumbled towards a sleeping Poochyena and started pecking at its ears. The Poochyena yowled and went to snap at Blitz, but he jumped back and laughed in amusement. Suddenly, a loud clang broke through the silence. Blitz instantly turned his head to check what it was. I also turned my head to see what was going on, it was two Honedge fighting for who-knows-what.

Blitz walked over to a few people that were having a picnic. I quickly followed but stayed my distance to see what would happen. Blitz walked to the basket and hopped onto the handle. He picked out lettuce from a sandwich and ate it. Blitz then turned away from the group and hopped back onto the ground. I then only noticed what he was trying to do- fly. Blitz opened his wings and started flapping vigorously. I approached my Fletchling and picked him up. "Now try" I said softly, making Blitz start flapping even harder than he did when he was on the ground. I slowly removed my hands from under Blitz and he squeaked in surprise. But he wasn't falling- he was actually going higher! I smiled as I watched Blitz fly around me. He then flew towards a Houndoom and started pecking at its tail. When the Houndoom turned to bite Blitz, he soared up and out of reach of it. I raised my arm and opened my hand. Blitz flew down into my hand and tweeted happily before snuggling into the blanket that I wrapped around him.
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  1. ✰MJ✰
    Aug 4, 2016
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  2. Galaxy Sylveon
    Galaxy Sylveon
    The characteristics of this pokèbaby are:

    -Alert to sounds

    The nature of this pokèbaby is:

    Jul 13, 2016