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by Zixal

Blazz head colored.png Blazz Transparent.png
Zixal Say hello to probably my favorite OC out of the lot of hundreds, Blazz Tradius.

Blazz started as my character in Maplestory 2, before it shut down a while back. A heavy gunner class, I had a lot of fun with her and soon fell in love with the entire concept of her character. Not only were her skills absolutely cathartic to use, but the personality she was written with as a base was so much fun to me. Now that Maplestory 2 has closed, I'll never be able to play as Blazz again, much to my dismay. But, that won't stop me from leaving her behind. And considering the bonkers amount of stuff I have written about her in my backlog google documents, it's safe to say Blazz is going to be sticking with me for a long, long time.

Blazz is a brilliant, accomplished 41-year-old scientist who, despite her claims, has not actually been recognized by the rest of the scientific field of Mapleworld, regardless of the fact that she has invented countless different machines and techniques that have far surpassed the capabilities of any professional. A holder of nearly every degree in the field of science known to education, Blazz knows her stuff, from every minute detail of chemistry to every convoluted happening of physics. Utterly obsessed with science, she has made it a personal goal of her's to utilize her gift of brilliance to advance the world around her in ways it could never dream, with technology never thought possible. This is also, however, motivation from spite, as she lives in a world where magic also exist. While she doesn't particularly hate magic, and often likes to use it as an unorthodox combination of power and fuel, she views it as a serious crutch to the world around her. Magic, to her, is stagnant and limited, with its workings already discovered and fleshed out to their limits. One cannot create new magic, while they can create new tech. And not only that, but only some people can utilize magic at all- what are the people who cannot use magic supposed to do? What can they rely on? The world cannot rely on magic to advance and progress as a society- it must turn to science and technology, and Blazz has made it her mission to make that happen.

Unfortunately for her, her world became the target of an evil shadow force that waged war against it in an attempt to take it over for unknown, but ambiguous, reasons. Blazz saw this threat as a personal attack, as by disturbing innocent people's rights to live in peace was a betrayal of power that they had. To Blazz, power and intelligence is best used to assist those who do not have it. This clash eventually led her to resent the shadow forces that the world was at war with, regardless of whether their motivation was correct or not. She set out to break through them on her own, utilizing her insanely expansive arsenal to overwhelm and annihilate anything that stood in her way. It wasn't until she was invited to assist the world's alliance of nations that she was finally given a specific direction and set of goals to accomplish. Currently, the war wages on, and Blazz is a central fighting force in it, with enough armaments to put her on the list of the world's largest nuclear stockpiles.

Blazz, for all her righteous motivation, is not a humble person whatsoever. Her ridiculous amount of degrees, accomplishments, and intelligence have gone to her head since the very beginning, and she makes sure everybody she comes across knows just how darn fantastic she is at everything. Though not particularly selfish as she is extremely prideful and overconfident, Blazz can be a pain in the hide to have a conversation with, as she will often gloat so much about herself that she simply can't be reasoned against. According to herself, she is her generation's Einstein, except even Einstein didn't have what she has. Awaiting the fame and glory that comes along with saving the world, Blazz is more than happy to receive the ego stroking that any minor compliment or praise directed at her carries. Her bubbly, just-as-eccentric assistant Aisha certainly doesn't help with Blazz's ego, considering she practically worships the ground her boss walks on.

To top it all off, this scientist is not of the sane category. As mad as they come, Blazz has experimented and indulged in far too many things any sane person would deem beyond unsafe. Constantly using herself as a guinea pig for her experiments, she has found ways to enhance her body beyond what the modern cybernetics can accomplish, having given herself a greatly increased recovery with nanobots injected directly into her bloodstream, sharper senses, hair-trigger reaction time, and some forms of cybernetic implants that have given her many unfair advantages over her opponents. This recklessness has not come without it's drawbacks, however, as she has strained her body quite significantly over the course of these experiments, and while she is much harder to kill than any normal human being, she has weakened her sanity further and further from grace with each test. Her hair has prematurely greyed, and though she hasn't aged more than she should have, Aisha worries that such effects may come into fruition at a later date, one that Blazz is not prepared for.

And have I mentioned she's basically insane? She's morally good, but being the definition of Chaotic Good, Blazz is absolutely not trustworthy around anything she might begin to analyze and experiment with. The mad scientist also has one last defining trait about herself- one that most of Mapleworld has come to fear her for- her pyromania. Blazz's obsession for fire and explosions is one to be terrified of. Constantly in the need of her favorite stimuli, like a smoker needing a cigarette, Blazz could very quickly burn down a building if she isn't immediately finding something to satisfy her cravings for chemical combustion. The vast majority of her arsenal is explosive-based, and her obsession with combustion has also led her to creating various types of never-before-seen high explosives in small packages, capable of wiping the floor with even gigantic lumarigons (dragons), in merely a handful of well-aimed shots. Flamethrowers, bombs, rockets, missiles, grenades- anything that burns or booms is something Blazz loves, and her favorite thing to do is unleash her massive arsenal of eruptions on anything that crosses her path. As long as she has a firework sparkler or two on hand when she's in public, those around her have nothing to fear. Probably.

Trust me, I can keep on gushing about Blazz for days. This is just a drop in the ocean of the stuff I have written for her, including her backstory, future, other aspects about her, etc. Blazz is by far my favorite OC in any and every regard. I love all of my OCs, but Blazz has taken the cake as my favorite to play, my favorite to write about, my favorite design, name, backstory, the most development- she's gone through so much in my mind alone that I feel utterly attached to her. She has a lot of characters to compete with, many of which represent much more about me, others, tropes, or my love for characters in different ways, but she's simply got it all. If any character stands as my magnum opus, the one that displays the love I have for my imaginary characters, Blazz is the one.
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  1. Zixal
    @Gamingfan You should see the explosives it fires if you think that's scary

    @Willow Tree Yeah, it closed down last year due to a playerbase tank so bad that Nexon couldn't support the international servers. Apparently, its south korean servers are still active, but the international ones all got the axe, and I don't live in south korea.

    Thanks for the compliment, though- I've been trying to draw her for the longest time and only managed to do it through GIMP, so I'm pretty stoked I have a way to consistently art her now
    Sep 23, 2020
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  2. Gamingfan
    That gun is as long as she is tall and that's many kinds of terrifying.
    Sep 23, 2020
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  3. Willow Tree
    Willow Tree
    :0 I didn't know Maplestory 2 shut down! How unfortunate, it's one of my favorite games...
    But good job on the drawing! She's very expressive.
    Sep 23, 2020
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