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Road of a Champion: Blazing Rivalry

by J62

J62 3 trainers are handpicked to become the world champion of Pokémon.
The current world champion instructs the regional champions to look for candidates to replace him for he was getting old. The first candidate was Gary Oak, picked by Kanto region champion Lance. Gary has shown great skills in battle and is very knowledgeable about pokemon, the reason why he was picked. The second candidate was Paul of the sinnoh region, picked by Cynthia, Paul has proven to be a possible champion because of his powerful pokemon and calmness in battle, but the way that he trains his pokemon is the only thing Cynthia dislikes about him. And the final but not the least candidate is Ash Ketchum of Kanto who is currently traveling Kalos with his new friends Bonnie and Clemont and a long lost friend plus secret admirer Serena Yvonne. Picked by champion Diantha for his ability to quickly formulate strategies and his great personality. As the three champions fetch the candidates, the current world champion thinks of the battle format, rules, and location, and he finally decides that it will be 3 pokemon per team, no switching out or use of healing items and the location is the indigo plateau battle ring in kanto. As the world champion prepares for the event, the regional champions fetches the candidates and their friends(bonnie,Clement, Serena) and instructs the candidates to train at a battle resort while bonnie,Clement, and Serena try not to disturb them. Gary's chosen pokemon are Blastoise, Alakazam, and Arcanine, Paul's pokemon are Torterra, Ursaring, and Honchcrow, and Ash's team is composed of Pikachu, Charizard, and Sceptile. ( stay tuned for the next chapter and please let me know what you think).