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The Braze Brack Nuzrocke run by a loooser.: Blaze Black Smaze Smack Nuzlocke Part 1.1

by Spooky Sploosh

Spooky Sploosh The adventures of Maya, as she comes to struggle with the challenges Blaze Black 2 on Challenge mode has offer, coming across wacky zany and often stupid characters; human and pokemon, and death nearby the corner. Will she prevail? I don't know, I haven't beaten it yet as of writing it.
1. Catch first Pokemon only on each route. Dupes and Shiny clause in effect, despite Blaze Black 2 having every 1-5th gen Pokemon. But who knows?

2. If your die in the game, they die in real life. Revives ain't doing shieeet.

3. Nickname the Pokemon cool names, making it worse when they die.

4. No repels.

5. Watch me dance!

6. Sorry, I'm dead.

"Hello. My name is Maya, and...ugh let me try agai-"
"Hello! My name is Maya. I am, making this video in hoping you would accept me into the Nimbasa University. " *Knock on the door* "Ugh, I'l just make this video later on..."

Mom: Your friend Yu was looking for you.
Maya: Yu? Oh that guy...the one with those parents...
Mom: So you know how to use your phone, right?
Maya: Of course, Mom...you're going to tell me aren't you?
Mom: Use the *A* feature *A* *A* *A* *A* that is *A* *A* show *A* *A* *A* *A* n right here and-

Maya steps outside to meet Yu and his sister, Nanako. His parents are horrible people.
Maya: Heyy, you!
Yu: *facepalms* At this point I can't tell if you are saying my name or not.
Maya: Haha. So what's up?
Yu: Some girl is giving out free Pokemon. I thought people like you would be interested.
Maya: Ah, but no thanks. I'm going to be doing things in life that don't involve the usage of Pokemon.
Yu: You do realize that not owning Pokemon is like not having a soul.
Nanako: You has a soul, but Yu don't!
Yu: ...

[Maya considers going with Yu to get her very FIRST Pokemon.]
Maya: No I'm not.
[According to the plot you will!]
Maya: NO! NEVER!

Bianca: You must be here for your first Pokemon!
Maya: Unfortunately...
Bianca: Well you can choose from: Tepig, Snivy, or-
Maya: Snivy.
Bianca: D-Don't you wanna-
Maya: Snivy. See ya.

Hayter the Snivy was obtained.
*Hayter looks at Maya, and lights a cigarette*
Maya: Aren't you a little tiny to be smoking...?
Hayter: Aren't you too old to be dressing up as Princess Leia? *inhales then exhales*
Maya: Don't diss the hair!
Hayter: I've seen shit that makes smoking the least of my problems.
Yu: How about a battle with my level 6 Tepig?
Maya: Wh-Wha? WHY IS THAT LEVEL 6?

(And that is Challenge Mode, my friends. I still won somehow.)