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The Braze Brack Nuzrocke run by a loooser.: Blaze Black Maze Slack 2 Part 2.2

by Spooky Sploosh

Spooky Sploosh After catching THE ABSOLUTE BEST Pokemon, Maya moves on and is involved in conflict? Conflict in this story? How ridiculous!
Maya: ...
Hayter: ...
Lute: ...
Rickert: Someone please speak...
[Body count: 0]

Maya: So...do you see yourself going far in life?
Lute: Pfft, totally! I am the strongest Pokemon of like ALL TIME.
Hayter: You only know Growl.
Lute: It's a terrifying Growl, alright? Though the only way for me to become even more insanely uberly amazing is if that lady! *points at Maya* ...trains us.
Maya: Train you? Oh that isn't in my interest.
Lute: Well just how will we get stronger, hmmm? We do need to get strong or else we will DIE!
Hayter: You are a trainer after all...wether ya like it or not. *lights cigarette*
Lute: And we can protect you and junk!
Rickert: I'm still a Caterpie... *looks down*
Maya: Alrigh fine! I'll freaking train you guys.
Lute: Haha! Now I shall show you my true potential...hehehe.
Hayter: You should feel sad that a Caterpie is more diverse than your piece of shit moveset.
Lute: CAN IT, GREEN BEAN! I'll show you...

[And she did!]
*Lute learned Confusion*
*Hayter learned Dragon Rage*
*Rickert evolved into a Metapod and Butterfree*
*Yu learned what it's like to have a Tepig lose to a Butterfree* (No really, I took out his Tepig with Rickert...)

Foop the Mareep was caught! And was laughed at for his stupid name.

Breeder: Oh yeah could you help us we think evil organization in backyard with puppy have we. Plasma Team yes.
Hayter: ....S'cuse me?
Yu: Team Plasma...? I'M TAKING THOSE PUNKS DOWN! *rushes off*
Foop: They must be baaaad people!
Maya: First line, and I already hate you.