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The Braze Brack Nuzrocke run by a loooser.: Blaze Black Daze Tack 2 Part 2.1

by Spooky Sploosh

Spooky Sploosh Being forced to venture out and be the very, that Maya does not want to be, she finds herself... Nothing. Oh and some other stupid characters.
Maya: ...
Hayter: ...
Rickert: I-Is this normal?
Maya: For him it is.

(Body Count: 0)

???: Hellooooo!
Maya: The hell was that?
???: Uh...up here young one!
Maya: Probably just me, oh well...
???: Wait! Come back! My name will remain this way unless you make me reveal my name! Please! Come baaaaack!

Route 20.
Maya: Well time for another Pokemon, I guess...

Encounter: ...RALTS BABY!
Maya: A-Another green Pokemon? Are you serious?
Ralts: Hah! Best you step back before my superior attacks obliterate you to the bone! *Only knows Growl, gdi Drayano you had one job.*
Maya: Really? Well my Caterpie knows Bug Bite, sooo I think we know who wins this fight.
Rickert: (She acknowledged me! She really cares about meee!)
Ralts: Pfft, like that will intimidate my overall awesome figure.
Maya: I'm saying he will kill you.
Ralts: Well I DO NOT CARE! Prepare to die from my amazingness! MWAHAHAHA-

Lute the Ralts was caught.