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BeyBlade: Blading in Reality!

by Kasumi~chan

Kasumi~chan This is a rewrite of the other one.
BTW I own none of Beyblade or the characters.
I only own Kylee, Keith, Mason, Allie, and Mr. and Mrs. Ekaner.
Chapter 1: TV Portal!

One morning I woke up to Jacob shaking me.

“Wake up! There’s a new episode of Beyblade!” He said shaking me harder.

“Ok, calm down, I’m getting dizzy!” I replied, so I ran downstairs and went straight to the couch. I grabbed the remote, went onto Disney Now, and went into the BeyBlade section. The newest episode was called “The Newbies”.

“I bet there's gonna be new bladers,” Jacob said once he read the title. So I clicked on the episode and then we felt a strong wind pulling us towards the TV! We flew right through the TV!

“AAH!!!” We both yelled, then we fell right out of the sky and fell right onto a couch. We both started laughing.

“That was fun!” I said looking over to my brother, but when I looked all I could see was a teenage boy with black hair and red eyes. My expression became confused instead of happy. Then I grabbed a bit of my hair and looked at it. I had yellow hair! The boy in front of me WAS my brother! And we were in an Anime world!

“Yo! I have yellow hair! This is awesome!” I exclaimed hugging Jacob, even though he didn’t like it.

“Yeah! I wonder if we're in a franchise.” He said, then a woman, about our mom’s age, came into the room.

“Kylee, Keith, time to go to school!” Said the women. Who were Kylee and Keith? Probably us, so she handed us our bags and she set us off. Once we got outside, I realized that I had a phone in my back pocket. I got a notification from the calendar: First Day of School!!! Location: Beigoma Academy.

“Jacob!….” I didn’t get to finish my sentence because Jacob interrupted me.

“Its Keith now.” I rolled my eyes as he said this.

“Keith! Were in Beyblade!” I shouted hopping up and down. There was a big smile on his face now.

~Timeskip~ (Because Author-chan is lazy)

Once we got to the school we went inside and into the principle’s office. After that, we split up and went to our lockers. It turned out Keith was older in me. Even though in real life he is younger than me. I got to my locker and put it in the code. It didn’t open, so I did it again to make sure I was putting in the right numbers. It still didn’t open. Then I got a tap on the shoulder. I turned around and saw a tall yellow-haired boy with a big fan in his hand. I realized that it was Rantaro Kiyama!

“Do ya need help kid?” He asked me, I nodded and gave him the piece of paper with the locker code on it. It puts in the code multiple times and struggles to open it. Finally, he decides to hit it with his fan. He swung it at the locker, which opens and hits him right in the face.

“Are you ok?” I asked him eagerly, Rantaro was on the floor as a spiky blue-haired boy came running along.

“Come on Honcho there's no time for naps, its time for class!” He said this energetic boy was named Valt Aoi. He was the main character in the show. And “Honcho” is what all of Rantaro’s friends call him. He quickly got up and ran after him.

“What are you so excited about Valt?” He said struggling to keep up with him. I chuckled as I went to class.

Now your probably wondering what happened to Keith. Well, don’t worry, I’ll tell you.

Keith had got everything he needed for class and headed off when the bell rang. He sat next to a boy who was named Mason. He was a very chatty guy.

“Hey there! I’m Mason, you must be new here. What's your name?” He asked Keith was a little surprised that this kid was talking to him.

“Oh hi, I’m Keith.” My brother replied in a low tone. He tried to sound cool. Even though in real life he is a complete weirdo, who I love!

“Nice to meet you!” Mason said with a cheerful smile on his face.


It was now time for lunch, and Keith went over to the empty table in the corner. Mason quickly came over and sat down.

“How do ya like it here?” He asked Keith rolled his eyes.

“It's fine I guess,” Keith replied, Mason, nodded and started eating his sandwich.
Meanwhile, I was talking to this nice girl named Allie, she had let me sit with her.

“What school did you use to go to?” She asked me.

“I was homeschooled before this,” I told her, she was amazed by this. Then a boy with a bright purple outfit came along.

“Excuse me ladies, but this is our table.” This rude boy’s name was Wakiya, he was one of the not so nice characters in the show. Yeah, there's more than one…

“Hey! We were here first!” Allie exclaimed, then I had an idea.

“How about a bey battle? You versus me!” I said Wakiya thought for a little. Then laughed!

“Are you kidding? Why would I battle a girl? Girls can’t blade!” He continued laughing, “You can keep the table.” He said walking away.

“That guy gets on my nerves,” Allie said, I looked at her confused.

“You know him?”

“Yeah, we used to be in the same class when we were little.” She told me. I was still thinking about what Wakiya had said to me. Girls can’t blade! It rang in my head.


After school, I saw Honcho again.

“Hey! Thanks for opening my locker earlier.” I told him,

“Oh, no prob. The names Rantaro, but you can call me Honcho!” He replied I smiled.

“Nice to meet you, I’m Kylee!”

“Cool! By the way, the district tournament is starting tomorrow, and I’m sighing up. You gonna be watching?” He asked this was perfect! A way to show Wakiya girls can blade!

“Yep! I’ll be watching from home though.” I had planned on entering, but I would be in disguise as a boy.

“Well, see ya!” He said running home. Then I saw Keith walking over!

“Who were you talking to Kylee?” He started,


“You should I told him that I wanted to battle him!”

“Oh sorry bro! But you’ll be able to in the district tournament!” I told him.

“When is that?” He asked,

“It's tomorrow! And I’ll be cheering you on!”

“Wait, you're not entering?”

“Nah, I think I’m gonna pass.” I lied, he bought it though.


When we got home and went inside, we a man standing in the living room with our mom. He must have been our dad.

“Hey, kids! We’re going on a date tonight so we got you two a babysitter!” He said holding mom’s hand.

“Who?” We both asked, then the doorbell rang.

“You’ll see.” He said as he opened the door. The person standing at the door was Mr. Shakadera! He was one of the character’s grandfather.

“Hello Kylee, Keith! You two are so big now!” He said hugging us. Then we heard a loud laugh.

“Xander!” I said running over to him and hugging him. Our family knew them, so this wasn’t awkward.

“Hey, Kylee!” Xander Shakadera was Valt’s childhood friend, he was only 11 years old, but he was crazy tall! Keith was older than him and way shorter. (I love making fun of the hight differences in this show XD) Once our parents had left, Mr. Shakadera went to make some dinner, and Keith went to his room to practice blading. Xander and I were now sitting on the couch together.

“So, have you made any friends at your new school?” Xander asked me,

“Yeah, two!” I told him, I was talking about Allie and Honcho. Xander laughed again. He was known as the “laughing giant” in the show, and it makes sense.

“I knew you were always the friendly type Kylee-chan!” He replied patting me on the head. I thought it was funny how he used “chan”.

“Oh shut up Xander,” I said to him. Xander gave me a look. Probably because I had told him to shut up. “Sorry, Xander-sama.” Xander chuckled.

“It's ok, I was just messing with you.” We both laughed at this.
Soon enough dinner was ready and we all sat down at the table.

“So are you two entering the tournament?” Xander asked me and Keith.

“I am, but not Kylee,” Keith replied,

“Why not?” Xander questioned me. I hadn’t thought of an excuse to not enter yet. I sat there for a while and said nothing. “Kylee? You ok?”

“What? Oh, I’m not entering because my mom needs a lot of help around here and If I enter, she won’t have anyone to help her. So maybe next year.” I told them,

“How considerate of you Kylee-chan!” Mr. Shakadera replied, I smiled, even though it was a lie. I was going to tell them it was me the whole time as soon as I lose.


I was in bed thinking about the tournament. I was excited, I had my fake name and everything. I stared at my bey Shock Kimoko. It shined in the moonlight. I just couldn’t wait for the tournament…
Yeah, It took me awhile to write this, but whatever...
Thanks for reading! If you guys have any comments, ideas, corrections or tips, please tell me!
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    @EeviumZ, I tagged you because I based Allie off of one of your OCs named Allie.
    @DarkHydraT, I tagged you because you like Beyblade.
    @PokeStorm, I tagged you just incase.
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