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BeyBlade: Blading in Reality! Chapter 3

by Lily May

Lily May Finally done with flippin' thing! XD
Chapter 3: Toko and Nika’s Idea!

The next day Keith and I were walking to school. I was reviewing the tournament battles and noticed who Keith's next opponent was.

“Hey Keith, do you know who your next opponent is?” I asked him. He thought for a little.

“No.” He replied shortly after.

“Its Ken!” I exclaimed,

“Wait! Ken? This will be a piece of cake!” He said with a scoff. I rolled my eyes.

“Ken is pretty tough you know.” But Keith just kept quiet. We were now at the school and I saw Shu standing near the door. “Hey, I’ll see ya later!” I told my brother, he waved and went inside. I walked over to Shu to say hi.

“Hi, I’m Kylee! Your Shu, right?” I asked the white-haired boy. When he looked at me, it was as if he was hiding something.

“Uh, yeah. Wait, are you the girl that stood up to that bully for Valt?” He questioned me, I nodded my head. Then my phone rang.

“Oops, sorry got to take this!” I took the phone out of my pocket to answer. It was Xander!

“Hey Kylee, have you seen Shu? I know you two don’t know each other, but you guys go to the same school.” He said,

“Yeah, I was just talking to him,” I replied,

“Great! Can I speak to him?”

“No problem,” I said handing the phone to Shu. “Its Xander.” Shu took the phone and put it up to his ear.

“…Good….It's fine….Oh, shut up….sorry….fine, I’ll do it….Ok, see ya.” I was very confused as to what they were talking about.

“What he say?” I asked Shu,

“Nothing…” He replied,

“I know about your shoulder, Shu.”

“What? Did Xander tell you?”

“No, I just noticed when we saw each other yesterday.” I chuckled, he smiled a little. Then we heard the school bell.

“Well, it looks like its time for class,” Shu said walking towards the door. He held it open for me and we went into the school. (Guess what! Now we get a perspective of Toko and Nika! Yay!)
Anywho, Toko and Nika were walking towards the school entrance when a gust of wind blew a poster right onto Toko’s face!

“Hey! What's the big idea!” Toko said taking the poster off his face.

“It kinda looks like the old Party Place a few blocks away,” Nika told her twin brother. Party Place was kinda like a carnival type thing. It had gone out of business a couple of years ago. (And I made up Party Place, it was never in Beyblade).

“Look! It says that they're reopening it!” Toko said pointing at the bottom of the page.

“Yeah! We should go!” Nika exclaimed, they were so excited to tell Valt and the rest of the bey club!


After school, I was talking to Honcho. We had only known each other for a few days and we were already laughing our heads off about pretty much everything.

“So I’m gonna go practice with the bey club, wanna come?” He asked,

“That would be awesome! I do have a little something for you guys anyways.” I told Honcho, so we went up to the roof where they always practiced. When we got up there, Daigo and Wakiya were battling.

“Dark Doomscizor with a ring out finish! Daigo wins!” Toko exclaimed Daigo looked very tired.

“Ugh, go again!” Wakiya growled,

“That was the 14th battle we have had…” Daigo replied panting. Honcho and I walked over.

“Do you guys need water?” I asked unzipping a bag I had. There was a ton of water bottles in it. Daigo nodded, so I gave one to him and the rest of the club. Even Toko and Nika. Wakiya didn’t want one. (He’s just mad that Daigo beat him 14 times! XD)

“Hey, Toko. Got the poster?” Nika whispered to Toko. He nodded as he brought out a folded piece of paper.

“Guys! Guess what we saw earlier today!” Toko said all of a sudden.

“What?” Valt asked eagerly.

“Guess!” Nika replied,

“Uh…theres a new ice cream shop?” I said Toko and Nika shook their heads.

“Come on! Tell us already!” Honcho exclaimed,

“Look at this poster,” Toko said showing us. We all looked at the poster.

“Its that old closed down carnival place a few blocks away,” Shu said.

“Yeah, but look at the bottom of the poster,” Nika said pointing. We were all very surprised! It was reopening! (You guys already knew that though…)

“Wow! Sounds fun, I’ve never been there.” I said taking a closer look.

“We want to go! It's opening after the tournament today! Please!” Nika said putting on her cute face. (XD)

“Sure, it sounds epic! We should all go!” Valt replied to her little sister. Toko and Nika looked excited.

“Hey Valt, is it ok if I invite a few friends of mine?” I asked Valt. He gleamed.

“The more the merrier!” After this conversation, I went to the bathroom to get changed into my blading outfit.


“Ladies and gentle bladers! Welcome back to this year’s district tournament where only one can win!” Hanami said. The first battle was about to begin, and it was Daigo VS. some random guy… (Ok, that's too funny! XD) They both got into position.

“Ready? Set!” The ref exclaimed,

“3, 2, 1, LET IT, RIP!” They both launched their beys into the stadium. His opponent’s bey headed straight for the center.

“Not today…” Daigo said. His opponent was a little confused, then BANG!!! Doomscizor won with a burst finish!

“Wow! Forget what I said about Keith Ekaner’s battle yesterday, that was the fastest time yet! Only 5 seconds into the battle and Daigo wins with a Burst Finnish!” Hanami exclaimed.
Keith was upstairs watching from the balcony.

“What? How?” He asked himself. Keith was always trying to be the best blader. He hated it when someone surpassed him.
I was also very surprised, I had never seen a battle go by that fast before! Daigo sure was amazing. I saw Wakiya standing a few feet away from me.

“Hey, Wakiya,” I said watching Hoji walk onto the stage.

“Oh, hey.” He replied.

“That's your friend, right?”

“Hoji? I guess you could say that…”

“Oh come on, you and I both know Hoji is your best friend.” Wakiya didn’t reply because he was watching his friend battle. Hoji’s launcher was the most interesting thing about his blading style. It wasn’t a cord launcher, it was like one of those launchers that you get from the store, you know, those green ones? Anyway, they started the battle. Keith was walking towards the stairs when he bumped into me.

“Oh, sorry,” I said. he looked at me confused.

“Do I know you?” He asked. I was very nervous now. What if he figured out I was Kylee? He would be SO mad that I didn’t tell him!

“Uh…No! We have never met before…” I said scratching the back of my neck nervously.

“Ok…” He replied walking away. I sighed in relief. Wakiya looked over.

“You know him, don’t you,” Wakiya said.

“Ok, yes I know him. We use to be friends a long time ago.” I lied, but if I had told him that Keith was my brother, that would lead to a lot more questions. Then I saw Keith wave to someone. I looked down and saw a dark green-haired boy. I had no idea Keith had any friends. I was glad he did though. Hoji won with a Survivor Finish. Wakiya seemed pretty relieved. The next battle was between two background characters. I had nothing else to do but watch.


After that battle, it was Honcho’s turn!

“Oh yeah! You’ll never defeat my Roktavor!” Honcho said showing off his bey. His bey was a stamina type, like mine.

“Oh, I’ll defeat your weak bey and prove that balance types are the best!” His opponent said with a scoff. When they started the battle, the beys both headed for the middle! Which meant that his opponent’s bey was in defense mode. They hit each other and Roktavor immediately flew out of the stadium!

“Snake Shoontayn (I made this one up as well) wins with a ring out finish! The score is now 1-0!” The ref declared.

“How is this guy so strong?” He whispered to himself. His opponent laughed.

“See? Balance types are the best!” The next battle began. This time Shoontayn went around the stadium like an attack-type!

“Roktavor Zone!” Honcho yelled. This was one of his special moves. It knocked Shoontayn into the air and it burst!

“Roktavor with a burst finish! Rantaro Kiyama wins with a score of 2-1!”

“Woah! That was a very suspenseful battle!” Hanami said, the crowd cheered. Honcho walked back through the doorway smiling. “That's all for today folks! We’ll see you tomorrow!”

~Timeskip~ (And yes, I changed after the tourney.)

I had decided to invite Allie, Keith and his friend to Party Place as well. When we finally found each other we had to decide who was paying for the tickets to get in.

“Let's do rock-paper-scissors!” I suggested. The last round of rock-paper-scissors was between Valt and Keith.

“Rock, paper, scissors, shoot!” They both said. Valt came out with rock and Keith came out with scissors.

“Yeah! I won!” Valt exclaimed. I laughed because Keith had gotten a little mad that he had to pay $20 worth of tickets. (Luckily Toko and Nika were free!)

“What if we split up into different groups? Then we’re not going to argue as much when we’re trying to decide where to go.” Shu suggested. We all thought that was a good idea. Nika picked who would go with who. We split up into 4 groups of 3. I set off with Shu and Ken towards the food trucks. We quickly ran over to the hot dog truck because we were hungry, then we ran into someone. (Literally).

“Hey watch where you're going punk!” The tall man yelled. he picked up Shu by his collar and brought up his fist.

“Hey let me go!” Shu cried,

“Shu?” He asked as he put him down. Shu looked up and saw Xander!

“Oh, hey!” Shu replied. (XD)

“What are you guys doing here?” I asked Xander and his friends Yugo and Ukyo.

“Just came here for the reopening.” Ukyo replied. While we were talking, Xander and Shu were having a different conversation a few feet away.

“Hows your shoulder?”

“Its fine…” As Shu said this, Xander put his hand on Shu’s shoulder. He felt this sudden shock of pain and moved back.

“I knew it…” Was Xander’s response. He was worried for Shu, he didn’t want him to forfeit.

“Come on Xander! We got to go!” Yugo called.

“You better ice that when you get home.” He told Shu as he walked away.
Once we got our hot dogs, we made our way to the shooting gallery.
Some where not to far from where I was, Honcho and Wakiya were arguing.

“Tacos!” Honcho yelled,

“Pizza!” Wakiya yelled back. Daigo was getting very overwhelmed by all this. They had been arguing for about 5 minutes.

“Guys…can you please stop?” He asked them.

“No!” They both said. Storming of into different directions.

“Oh, what am I going to do?” He panicked. Then he realized that he couldn’t see Wakiya or Honcho anywhere! He was lost! “Oh snap…”
On the other side of Party Place, Toko and Nika were dragging Valt around all the claw machines!

“Stop! I need a break!” He said falling face first onto the ground.

“You good?” Toko asked.

“I think we tired him out…” Nika said,

“No kidding.” Toko replied sarcastically.

“I’m good now!” Valt said. Jumping onto his feet. “Now its mine turn to pick! I’m hungry, lets get donuts!” The twins cheered as they made their way to the food trucks.
And finally were gonna see what Keith, Mason, and Allie are up to.

“PLEASE!!!!” Allie begged. She really wanted to go to the claw machines and get some stuffed animals!

“Fine! Just stop! I’m gonna need new ears after this…” Keith finally said. Mason laughed as Allie hugged Keith. They quickly ran to the claw machines. Allie went straight for the one with a small light blue bear in it. It matched her dress so she put in a coin and used the joystick to grab it.
(Ok, back over to Daigo)
Daigo was rushing around Party Place, still looking for Honcho and Wakiya. Then he ran into something on fell backwards. He looked up to see what he had hit. It was Xander!

“Hey Daigo! What are you doing here all alone?” The laughing giant asked.

“Oh, hey Xander. I’m just looking for Honcho and Wakiya.” He said standing up. Yugo gave him a glare. Daigo and Yugo haven’t really gotten along since Daigo….
cheated in a bey battle against Yugo
Anyways, Xander looked around for a little and spotted the two blondies arguing, again.

“There they are!” Xander said pointing near one of food trucks.

“Thanks Xander.” He replied waving good bye. He ran straight over and limitedly broke them up. “Ugh, when will you guys just grow up?” At this Honcho and Wakiya became silent. “I didn’t mean it like that…”

“We were just messing with you!” Honcho said laughing. Daigo sighed in relief. Then Honcho got a text from Valt.

Valt: Hey buddy!
Honcho: Hey, whats up?
Valt: We have decided to head over to the ice skating and roller blading rinks.
Honcho: Ok, meet ya there!
(My prospective)
Shu, Ken and I all walked over to the rinks.

“You guys have any experience with skating?” I asked the boys.

“Well, I have gone roller skating before.” Ken replied shyly.

“Cool! How about you Shu?”

“Uh…No.” He said. I laughed a little.

“Don’t worry I’ll teach ya how to ice skate, its fun!” I grabbed his hand and ran faster towards the entrance. Ken sped up as well.
Once we all met up. We decided to split into groups, again. One group for ice skating and one for roller skating. It was Me, Nika, Allie, Shu, and Daigo for ice skating. And Keith, Toko, Mason, Ken, and Wakiya for roller skating. Valt and Honcho decided to try both. Nika was excited to ice skate with me. She was a pro at skating. Shu took one step on the rink and slipped. Allie was trying hard not to laugh. Nika was nice enough to help Shu up.

“I’m no good at this.” Shu said holding on to the wall.

“You just started! Come on!” I said grabbing his hand again. After a little while, Shu was skating like he had been doing it since he was 4 years old!
Over at the roller skating rink. Wakiya, Honcho, and Valt weren’t doing so well…

“LOOK OUT!!” Valt yelled, as he uncontrollably skated right into the wall. “Ouch…” Mason laughed as he helped Valt back up.

“You know there is a thing called stopping…right?” Mason said with a chuckle. Valt rolled his eyes. While this was taking place, Honcho and Wakiya were falling all over the place, with Keith just watching from a distance.

“Stop moving! I’m trying to get my balance back!” Wakiya exclaimed.

“As if you had any!” Honcho replied. This made Wakiya mad, so he tried to attack him, but all that happened was that they fell on top of each other and Keith bursting out in laughter. (That is so not like Keith XD)

“Lets go Honcho! Next we got ice skating!” Valt called as he slowly moved towards the door to the next rink.


After all that craziness, Toko and Nika insisted on going over to the Dance House. The Dance House was a building just for dancing. There was all sorts of stuff inside, mostly snacks and drinks, but there was amazing decorations! Streamers, balloons, and a disco ball!

“Okay ladies and gents! Time for the couple dancing!” The DJ said. Toko and Nika ran onto the dance floor. Allie and I laughed. The song “Stand By You” by Marlisa started playing.

“Hey, Kylee?” Allie started.

“Yeah?” I replied.

“Uh, I kinda have a crush on Mason. Should I ask him to dance?” I was wide eyed at this. I was about to answer when Mason walked over.

“Hey Allie. Would you like to dance with me?” He asked. My jaw dropped and Allie was almost crying.

“YES!!” She exclaimed hugging the green haired boy. I smiled as I watched them run onto the dance floor. Honcho walked over to me who was now sitting on a bench. He sat down next to me.

“Your not gonna go dance with someone?” He asked. I looked over.

“What? No, I don’t have a crush…OH! That came out wrong…” Honcho laughed.

“Its fine.” Honcho replied.

“I mean, I do, but more then one and they are both standing over there.” I said looking over at Daigo and Shu who were having a conversation.

“Oh…I see. Maybe one of them will ask you to dance.”

“Yeah, I doubt that…” I said as I watched Toko and Nika do silly dances.
(Shu and Daigo’s conversation.)

“Hey, uh, Shu?” Daigo stuttered.

“Hmm?” Shu replied.

“Have you ever had a crush before?”

“What? Why?”

“Well, I kinda have a crush on Kylee…” Shu looked over at Daigo confused.

“Whats your point?”

“I want to ask her to dance with me, but I don’t know what she’s gonna say.” Shu felt concern for his friend.

“I think you should just go for it.”

“Really?” Shu nodded. Daigo smiled as he walked over to me.
(My prospective)
I saw Daigo walking over to me and Honcho.

“Whats up buddy?” Honcho asked the black haired kid. Daigo started blushing.

“Kylee, may I have this dance?” He asked me. I couldn’t believe it! A quiet, edgy boy like him asking a loud, outgoing girl like me to dance with him! I was speechless, I couldn’t think of anything to say.

“She’d love to.” Honcho replied for me. I smiled at him as Daigo took my hand onto the dance floor. Ok, this was the best day of my life.
(Unknown’s prospective)

“That’s Daigo Kurogami huh? He doesn’t look as tough as they say he is. This should be easy, right SubZERO?” The tall spiky haired boy asked his bey.
Thanks y'all for watching.....(What am I saying???) READING!! Thats what I meant...And thanks for waiting too! Byee!!

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