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BeyBlade: Blading in Reality! Chapter 2!

by Shikowara

Chapter 2: Kiko Nive!

The next morning we were luckily still in the Beyblade world. I got out of bed and quickly got dressed. I packed my bag with all my school books and my blading outfit. I couldn’t go around pretending to be a boy in a skirt. I went downstairs and saw Keith outside practicing. He hadn’t seen my bey yet so he wouldn’t figure out it was me in the tournament.

At school, I was walking down the hall to class with Allie, when we noticed Valt getting bullied by this kid who was much bigger than him!

“Hey! Give it back!” Valt cried the bully chuckled.

“Nice try kid, but your not getting it back!” He said running away. I saw what he was holding, it was Valtryek! Valtryek was Valt’s bey! So I quickly turned around and grabbed the bey from the kid’s hand. But he turned around and pushed me down.

“Kylee!” Allie exclaimed, she was frozen in fear. The bully laughed. But he stopped when he saw something, but this time it was someone!

“Shu!” Valt said excited, the bully knew that Shu would most likely battle to get Valtryek back and he would most definitely win. The bully dropped the bey and ran away. (Hey, that rhymed!) I picked up the bey and stood up. When I went to give it to Valt, Shu was standing right behind me! It startled me and I almost fell, but Shu was quick to catch me. I blushed, a lot. When I was standing firmly on the ground, I saw Shu grip his shoulder. In the show, Shu hurts his shoulder. I decided to ignore it because he doesn’t like talking about it. I handed Valtryek back to Valt. “Oh thank you so much!” Valt said rubbing his bey on his face. I chuckled a little. But as I looked back at Shu, I lost my smile.

“Shu, are you okay?” I whispered to him, it startled him a little.

“I’m fine…” He replied walking away. I was very worried about him, what if he couldn’t blade? Allie walked up to me.

“Come on Kylee, we’re gonna be late!” She said grabbing my hand and pulling me to class. I was still blushing a little from Shu catching me.


It was finally lunchtime, and while I was waiting in line I realized that I forgot my lunch money!

“Oh man…” I said out loud, I would ask Allie, but she brings her lunch to school.

“What's wrong?” A boy in a red bandana asked me. I looked over and saw that it was the boy standing in front of me.

“I just forgot my lunch money.” Right as I said that he handed me twenty dollars! “I can’t take this!”

“Nah, it's fine. You can have it.” He replied walking away, I recognized the design on the back of his jacket. I had just talked to Daigo Kurogami! I smiled brightly and blushed a little.
Later I sat down at the table.

“What took ya so long?” Allie asked me,

“I forgot my lunch money so this nice boy gave me some money,” I explained,

“Who?” She asked I pointed to the table to the right of us. Unfortunately, Daigo looked over. He waved and I just blushed. “Ooh, you like him!” Allie said in a singsongy voice.

“What? No, I don’t!” I replied, she just giggled.


After school, I quickly went back home and got dressed. Once I got dressed my mom called me.

“Kylee come help me with the laundry!” She said I didn’t know what to do! I was in my blading outfit, I didn’t want to tell I was entering! Then my door opened! “Who are you? Get out you rascal!” She yelled while hitting me with a towel.

“Mom! Mom! It's me, Kylee!” I cried, she stopped hitting me and stared. I took off my cap to prove it.

“It is you! But what's with the outfit?” My mom asked I had to tell her now. There was no way she would take “none of your business” for an answer.

“I’m gonna enter in the Beyblade tournament. But I want to surprise everyone!” I told her, she smiled.

“I think that's a great idea!” She replied hugging me. “I always wanted to blade when I was your age but I was too scared that the boys would make fun of me. Luckily that's something you didn’t inherit.”


I finally got to the tournament, I stood in line and waited to sign up. The person in front of me was Keith! I was very careful not to draw attention to myself. Once it was my turn I let it scan my launcher and take my picture. Then It asked for my name. I had already thought of my name yesterday: Kiko Nive.
After I signed in I went upstairs to the balcony to watch the first battle. I only got to watch for a minute because something caught my eye, or better yet, someone. It was Wakiya! And he was walking over to me.

“You must be new, I’m Wakiya Murasaki. But I’m sure you already knew that.” He said to me. I rolled my eyes and nodded.

“I’m Kiko Nive,” I said in a serious voice. Thankfully I was good at imitating voices, so I sounded like a boy. (I am in real life!)

“Nice to meet you I guess…” Then we heard the ref.

“With a burst finish, Alex Shintay wins with a score of 2-1!” We both looked over and saw that the first battle was over. (BTW Alex Shintay is a made-up character by me :D) In the next battle, Valt was battling! I could see the Bey Club from the balcony, they were standing right upfront. Then Wakiya spoke again.

“So do you wanna battle?” He asked me, I was still watching Valt when he said this.

“Later, I wanna watch the battles,” I replied, Wakiya got mad at me (XD).

“You don’t want to watch him, he’s…” But I interrupted.

“Oh shut up, your just jealous that he’s amazing!” I said with a big smile.

“No, I am not! He not that good anyway.” After he said this, I glared at him. It kinda scared him, surprisingly. (XD) I looked back at the battle, Valt was doing pretty good. I thought that watching bey battles on TV was awesome, but watching it in person is even better! He had won the battle 3-1. He was so cool, and I wanted to battle him!

“Next up we have a newcomer, He may be the new kid, but he’s fierce and confidant, its Keith Ekaner!” The commentator said (Its Hanami!). It was a pretty good description if you ask me. He walked up to the stadium and took out his bey.

“You are going down!” His opponent said, Keith was determined to win, he wanted to win this tournament.

“You keep telling yourself that,” Keith replied,

“You are gonna regret saying that, let battle!” So they got into position. My brother brought his launcher to his right hip. It was a little bit like Xander’s launch, but Xander had a lower stance.

“First battle!” The ref began, “Ready? Set!”

“3, 2, 1, LET IT, RIP!” They both yelled the bey flew into the stadium! (Oh wait, I forgot to tell you what Keith’s bey was called. XD Its called: Death Kenton.) The first contact of the beys ended in a burst finish. Keith had burst his opponent’s bey in 7 seconds!

“Whoa! That was the fastest battle I have ever seen!” The commentator said with a gasp.

“Death Kentom with a burst finish! Keith Ekaner wins with a score of 2-0!”

“Huh, lucky number 7,” Keith said as he picked up his bey and walked out of the room. Wakiya and I were very surprised by this.

“I knew this guy was strong but I didn’t know he was that strong!” I told Wakiya, he wasn’t paying attention because he was talking to his friend Hoji Konda. Hoji was also a blader. I overheard them talking.

“…Do you have the launcher?” Wakiya asked, Hoji nodded and brought out the strangest launcher I think I had ever seen!

“What's that?” I said standing right behind Wakiya. It startled him and I just laughed.

Down on the first floor, Shu was watching Valt go nuts over Keith’s battle. He looked up at the balcony and watched as I startled Wakiya. He chuckled.

“He will be interesting to watch.” He said to himself, he was talking about me.

Next up was Ken Midori. He was a tall kid, the same age as me, and he had two puppet dogs. I always found Ken’s puppets, Besu and Keru, amusing.

“You know what I think Keru?” Besu asked,

“That the guy standing in front of us is funny looking?” Keru replied,

“Hey!” Ken’s opponent said,

“Man, you sure are rude today…” Besu said, Keru just did a facepalm.

“Let's just do this!” Keru said pulling out King Kerbeus. So they started the battle.
I was still laughing at Wakiya.

“Watch what you're doing, you could have given me a heart attack!” He exclaimed the Hoji put the launcher back in his bag.

“You did answer my question! What's that?” I said pointing to Hoji’s bag.

“It's just my bag,” Hoji replied,

“You know what I mean!” I exclaimed, Hoji had a guilty expression on his face now.

“Its none of your business!” Wakiya replied I cross my arms at this.

“King Kerbeus with a survivor finish!” The ref said, I looked over and saw a smile on Ken’s face. I knew he was having fun. When I turned back to Wakiya and Hoji, they were gone.

“Dang it!” I said, I went back downstairs and leaned against the wall, like what Shu usually does. I watched the second battle. Ken won with a ring out finish this time. He didn’t let his opponent get a single point. That was the end of the tournament for that day. While I was walking to the entrance I saw Nika, Valt’s younger sister, crying by the door.

“Are you ok?” I asked the little girl, she looked up at me.

“I’m lost.” She told me, she started crying again.

“Hey, I think I know where your brothers are…”
Meanwhile, Valt and his younger brother, Toko, had just gotten home.

“Hey boys, wheres Nika?” Their mom asked,

“She’s right…WHERE DID SHE GO?!” Valt yelled, then there was a knock on the door. Mrs. Aoi opened the door. I just so happened to be there with Nika. “Oh, I’m so sorry Nika!” Valt said hugging her, he was tearing up now. (Oh, Valt… XD)

“Thank you, what's your name, if I may ask?” Mrs. Aoi asked me.

“My name is Kiko Nive.”

“Nice to meet you! Would you like to stay for dinner?”

“Sure, I just need to call my mom first.” I grinned.
As soon as I was done on the phone Valt asked me to battle. We went outside into the back yard and battled him. We both got into position. I did have a special launch or anything, so I just did the fundamentals.

“3, 2, 1, LET IT, RIP!” We both yelled, Kimoko went right to the center and Valtryek did his famous Rush Launch. Valt won with a burst finish.

“That was an awesome battle! You're pretty tough!” Valt claimed,

“Really?” I replied Valt nodded. Then Mrs. Aoi came outside.

“Time for dinner!” She announced. We went inside and sat down at the table, Valt told his mom all about our battle.

“Yeah! It was so awesome! It was like whoosh, and then it was like pow!” He said trying to explain with hand motions. Toko, Nika, and I just laughed. I was handed some bey bread that Mrs. Aoi made. In the show, everyone loves it! So I knew I would like it too!

“This is amazing!” I told her,

“Aw, you're too kind!” She said blushing.
Later we were in the living room listening to the story of how Valt met all his friends. While Valt was talking Nika handed me a silver necklace.

“What's this?” I whispered,

“Its a thank you gift.” She replied quietly, the necklace was in the shape of a bey. I immediately loved it and put it around my neck. This was probably one of the best days of my life!
I'm working on Chapter 3 right now! :D
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    Just like Zelda with Link in Phoenix Warriors 0/////0.
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  2. Shikowara
    Thats ok @Champion Knight, My bey's name is Shock Kimoko. And yeah..I got a crush O///O
    Oct 8, 2019
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    Champion Knight
    I usually get very embarrassed when I talk about love interests with people in person:(:blush:. So I try not to talk about it much.
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    I hope you will keep liking my Phoenix Warriors series too! Great Job! What is your Beyblade’s name?
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