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BirdcageShipping Family Christmas

by This Vulpix Drinks Coffee

BirdcageShipping Family Christmas.jpg
This Vulpix Drinks Coffee Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays everyone!


I created this drawing the other day, it started out as a sketch dump but somehow turned into an actual drawing. It is Ruri and Yami Bakura with their daughter, Romin. She is actually a new character that will be appearing in YGO series 7. Since she looked so similar (in my opinion) to Ruri and Yami Bakura, I thought to myself, That's Ruri and Bakura's daughter. At least inside my headcannon she is. That is pretty much how this little drawing came about. The Birdcage shipping family is celebrating the holidays together and wanted to share their joy with you.

Happy holidays everyone, please enjoy the artwork. Updated the image so the colors are more vibrant.
  1. This Vulpix Drinks Coffee
    This Vulpix Drinks Coffee
    I just wanted to cover my tracks. It's good to know I can share other types of art here.
    Dec 25, 2019
  2. ~Rinko~
    ...What makes you think non-Pokemon art isn't allowed? There's tons of it!
    Dec 25, 2019