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In Depth Shait for my OC's: Bios: Volt

by AceyPie

AceyPie In Depth Bio for Volt my childish Ampharos OC
Name: Volt
Age: 8-10 (Exact Age is gonna be kept secret for now)
Ability: Speed Boost
Favorite Item: Air Balloon
Favorite Food: Spaghetti
Favorite Drink: PEPSI MAN
Favorite Hobby: Blasting the Eardrums out of someone with his Electric Guitar, Floating with his Air Balloons
Favorite Place: Chargestone Cave, Unova
Known Friends(He considers everyone his friends): Nova, Colt, Vivian, Alexa, Aria, Peachy, Ajax, Molly, Talia, Cruella, Ava, Razor, Spark, Zamic, TT, Vanna, Phoenix, Storm, Dakota, Cyber, Galaxy, Midas
Enemies: None (Hes usually gone by the time someone challenges him)
Anything Unique? (Different from the normal) : Insanely Fast, His addiction to Air Balloons has somehow made him able to avoid Ground Type Attacks
Appearance: A normal Ampharos with a strap for holding his Guitar and he's always holding onto an Air Balloon
General Mood: All Out Floaty Happy
Sociality Level: He treats strangers as friends he has not met yet. So 10/10
Known Moves: Thunder Punch, Cotton Guard, Dark Pulse, Agility, Shock Wave, Zap Cannon, Bulldoze, Fire Blast, Sky Drop, Bounce, Sky Attack, Iron Tail, Hidden Power Ice, Dig
Unique Items in Possesion:
None he sticks to his beloved Balloons
Unique Moves:
Balloon Crash (Flying)
Exavolt (Electric)
Thunderstrike Cyclone (Electric)
Battle Strategy: Volt uses his Speed to his Advantage by making the opponent dizzy or by simply Paralyzing and getting some fast and quick hits on the Opponent

Anything I missed? Or do you want to know more about Volt? Just put it in the comments or dont its up to you