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In Depth Shait for my OC's: Bios: Vivian

by AceyPie

Name: Vivian
Age: 19
Species: Delphox
Ability: Pyre
Hidden Effects: Arcane
-Arcane is like Colt's Crisis except for Vivian
Favorite Item: Protect Crystal
Favorite Food: None
Favorite Drink: Starbucks
Hobbies: Reading whilst secluded in her library
Favorite Place: Entralink, Unova
Friends: Colt, Volt, Alexa, Nova, Talia, Ajax, Molly, Aria, Razor, Zyte, Peachy, Zamic, TT, Mammon, Beelzubub, Phoenix, Torch, Cyber, Dakota, Galaxy, Storm, Midas, Rorek
Enemies: Ava, Cruella
Relationships: Peachy(Trainer), Rorek (Childhood Friend), Colt(Secret Crush)
Anything Unique?: Her flame is Bright Blue instead of Red
Appearance: A Black furred, Green Eared. Delphox with a Jade Amulet
General Mood: Immersed in her books almost all the time
Sociality Level: (Above)
Moves: Calm Mind, Nasty Plot, Aura Sphere, Moon Blast, Psychic, Psyshock, Fire Blast, Flamethrower, Teleport, Grass Knot, Hidden Power Grass, Nature's Madness, Misty Terrain, Psychic Terrain, Dark Pulse, Dazzling Gleam, Inferno, Blast Burn
Unique Moves
Blazing Demise (Fire)
Infinite Knowledge (Psychic)
Unique Items
Protect Crystal
Jade Draco Amulet
Battle Strats: She studies her Opponents moves their Strategies then she strikes similar to Analytic