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In Depth Shait for my OC's: Bios: Colt

by AceyPie

AceyPie A bio for my Overprotective Lucario

who has a cursh on V
Name: Colton or Colt
Species: Lucario
Ability: Empowering Bond
-Empowering Bond is activated after an Ally faints, It raises all of Colt's Stats by 2 Stages it can stack up E.g. If 3 Pokemon fainted before he was sent in his stats would raise up by 6 stages thus making him go into Crisis Mode
Hidden Effects: Vengeful-Crisis, Scythe
Vengeful-Crisis -If Empowering Bond raises his stats to the max (6 stages) His stats will raise even higher (8 stages)
Scythe- He can summon a Scythe made of bones whenever he wants
Favorite Item: Choice Band
Favorite Food: Cake
Favorite Drink: Starbucks (Even though he doesnt drink much of it)
Favorite Hobbies: Training, Arguing with Alexa or Talia.
Favorite Place: Battle Frontier, Hoenn
Friends: Volt, Nova, Vivian, Alexa, Ajax, Aria, Peachy, Razor, Zyte, Ava, Spark, TT, Vanna, Mammon, Beelzubub, Phoenix, Torch, Storm, Galaxy, Molly, Sprocket, Midas.
Enemies: Talia, Satan, Dakota, Cruella
Relationships: Alexa(Sister), Ajax(Childhood Friend), Peachy (Trainer)
Vivian(Secret Crush)
Anything Unique?: His Scythe gives him an addition of whole new moves for his Movepool
Appearance: He wears a Black Hood which he lifts when he goes Crisis
General Mood: Neutral
Sociality Level: Not very Social due to the fact he has killed over 5000 other Pokem- oh wait make that 5001 oh wait 5002 wh- you get the point...
Moves: Ice Punch, Stone Edge, Cross Chop, Iron Tail, Bullet Punch, Leech Life, Dark Pulse, Crunch, Close Combat, Zen Headbutt, Glare, Circle Throw, Storm Throw, Roar, Dragon Pulse, Metal Claw, Fire Lash, Aura Sphere, Earthquake, Fire Blast, Fire Punch
Unique Items
Spectre Scythe
Aura Hood
Unique Moves
Hellfire Strike (Fire)
Aura Decimation (Fighting)
Scythe Eclispe Slash (Dark)
Battle Strategy: All out Offense

So anything else?
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