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In Depth Shait for my OC's: Bios: Ajax

by AceyPie

Name: Ajax 'Exodus' Corver
Age: 20-25
Species: Gallade
Ability: Realm-Crossing Bond
-Sometimes in the Forest situations Ajax can Mega-Evolve or so it seems without a Mega Stone or Trainer
Hidden Effects: ???
Favorite Item: ???
Favorite Food: Biscuits (mostly Skyflakes)
Favorite Drink: Coca Cola
Hobbies: Cutting down Trees, being Overprotective of Molly (the last one may or may not be true)
Favorite Place: Trophy Garden, Sinnoh
Friends: Colt, Vivian, Molly, Talia, Nova, Volt, Dakota, Phoenix, Midnight, TT, Rorek, Zamic, Quince, Sky, Sage, Vanna, Beelzubub, TORCH, Cyber, Peachy, Cruella
Enemies: Satan, The Entire Police Force CUZ shit
Relationships: Molly (Sister), Colt (Childhood Friend),
Anything Unique?: His Mega Evolution is somewhat different from normal Gallade
Appearance: A Normal Gallade with a Blue Cape
General Mood: Neutral
Sociality Level: Ok he's really easy to befriend given you don't harm Molly
Moves: Swords Dance, Psycho Cut, Close Combat, Blaze Kick, Dynamic Punch, Mach Punch, Rapid Spin, Mega Kick, Fling, Fake Out, Drain Punch, Sky Uppercut, Stone Edge, Zen Headbutt, Hidden Power Dragon
Unique Moves
Meta Slice
Sibling Rivalry
Unique Items
Time's Cape
Battle Strats: Offense... Nuff said
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