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Beyond the River: Beyond the River: Chapter 2

by PriorSapphire

I stood on the tall rock that overlooked the riverbank. I couldn't believe it. The land beyond the river was lush and green, yet the Aspens said it was dangerous. How could it be dangerous? There has never been another eeveelution seen or found in that land.
I hopped down from the rock and put my paw in the water. It was so cold and refreshing! Right when I was about to take a sip of the water, I stopped myself.
What if someone sees me? I quickly backed away from the edge and ran out of the forest. Luckily, the sun was setting and the area was empty. I quietly made my way back home, hoping that I wouldn't run into a Royal Guard.
When I got home, my aunt Aida Rose scolded at me. "What were you thinking, staying out this late? What if a Royal Guard caught you?" she said.
I shrugged. "But I didn't get caught." Before she could say anything else, I continued. "I promise I won't stay out this late again. It was just a beautiful day and I took a long walk." I lied.
She narrowed her amber eyes before sighing. "Just please don't do it again. You had me worried sick."
I nodded and went to my room. I sat on the edge of my bed and looked out the window. Why can't we go past the river?

"Symphony, dear! There are some guests for you!" Aunt Aida Rose called me, waking me up from my nap.
I rushed downstairs and opened the door. To my surprise, Tanaquil was at the door.
"Wake up, sleepy-head. It's time to go," she said.
I blinked. "Where?"
"To school, where else?" she said. When my face still had a confused expression, she explained more. "For the Aspen's Assembly!"
"What?" I blinked myself awake. I walked outside and saw the sun rising over the horizon. "Oh! Turns out I took a very long nap," I told myself. I called to Aunt Aida Rose, "I'm leaving for school!"
"Okay dear. See you later," she answered.
I followed Tanaquil to Briar Academy, the most elite school in Xena City. As we walked, Tanaquil kept talking about how she was going to do something that will get the attention of Princess Rose.
"Maybe I can put on a small show in the hallway outside of the clearing. Or I can do a cheer that thanks the Aspens!" she said, her eyes bright and happy. I smiled, but this visiting didn't mean much to me.
"I'll just try to talk to her face to face," Tanaquil decided. "I mean, no other eeveelution is as remarkable as me! Princess Rose won't forget me!"
"That's for sure," I told her. Tanaquil smiled. As we walked into the clearing, many other eeveelutions were getting ready for the arrival of the royal family.
Tanaquil found us a spot close to the stage to sit. She talked more about what she was going to say to the princess, constantly asking my opinion about her ideas.
"Hello Princess," Tanaquil started reciting what she was going to say, but she was cut off by a sound from the stage.
Every eeveelution in the clearing turned to look at the stage only to see the royal family themselves.
The eeveelutions started cheering. I merely clapped, getting ready for whatever lies the royal family was about to say.
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