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BeyBlade: Beyblade Group Chat!

by Shikowara

Shikowara I don't know I was bored...
Valt: Hey guys!!
Shu: Hey Valt…
Valt: Whats wrong?
Shu: nothing, you just started another group chat…
Honcho: Yeah dude these are getting old
Valt: Are not!
Honcho: Are too!
Valt: ARE NOT!
Honcho: ARE TOO!
Daigo: Could you two stop?
Honcho: NO
Valt: NO!!
Xander: XD you guys are hysterical!
Daigo: Where did you come from?
Xander: XD
Wakiya: I was invited too?
Valt: Yep! Now I got all my buddies!
Yugo: I wouldn’t say “buddies”
Daigo: Him too?
Yugo: You got a problem with that?
Daigo: O_O no…
Yugo: Good answer.
Lily: Hiya!
Valt: Hey Lily!
Shu: Finally someone civilized.
Daigo: Excuse me…
Shu: oh sorry.
Daigo: Thats fine
Lily: What the heck is going on?
Ken: I don’t wanna know…
Valt: We’re having a party in here!
Daigo: Speak for yourself.
Ukyo: Hello
Daigo: Hey
Ukyo: Did I scare you?
Daigo: You can’t scare someone with a text…
Shu: You can, but not just by popping up randomly.
Daigo: …
Shimo: Hi…Whoa! What is going on here?
Honcho: Valt says its a “party”.
Valt: It is!
Honcho: Is not!
Valt: IS TOO!
Honcho: IS NOT!
Daigo: STOP!
Valt: …
Honcho: …
Daigo: Thank you
Zac: Nice group chat twinkle toes!
Lily: Oh no! Not Zac!
Shimo: *facepalm*
Ken: XD
Valt: Thanks Zac!
Zac: No problem!
Valt: Hehe..
Mrs. Aoi: NOW!!!
Valt: Ok ok!
Just so you know, Lily is me and Shimo is one of my friends.
Thanks for reading! Also...how did Mrs. Aoi get in the chat?
  1. <Inkscape>
    oh my god a person of culture fucking FINALLY
    been WONDERING when i'd see someone else who had ANY interest in beyblading
    Nov 17, 2020
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