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by Mimikyutheone

I don't want to hurt anyone I just want a hug. Every time I hug someone there spines break causing them to leave this world. Christmas is coming so Delibird please grant my wish so I can hug someone without hurting them...and...it came true! On Christmas all the Pokémon in the forest gathered around the tree, until a 2 poachers came. "Hey look a a Cubone!" said one of the poachers "they sell for a high price!" "Get in the bag!" said the other, "hey! That's a Bewear! They sell for a higher price!" I thought it was the end until. "Charizard fire blast!" said a voice, "Venasaur use Giga drain!" said another, "my turn Blastoise use hydro pump!" said a third. I thought they were with them until the attacks hit the poachers. "Who are you guys?!" said the poachers. "Were the people who defend the Pokémon!" said the trainers. "With a fiery heart Dan!","With a calming soul Aria!", "and with a mind of blue Ron!" I was relieved that they were on our side, they chased away the poachers and freed the captured Pokémon I walked up to them and hugged them...and they didn't get hurt I was happy it was a Christmas miracle.